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10 Ways To Survive Hot Weather And Stay Fresh

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The rains in most parts of Nigeria seemed to have been lost is transmission for sometime and although they are making an appearance now, the Sun is still having a great time. More of a great time in more states than others but a great time anyway. I mean, for it to be this hot in Jos is saying something. I don't want to imagine how hot it is in other places. The gist is painful enough to hear.

Based on the current state of things, this post was inspired by the discussion on The Bloggers Advocate group (TBA). TBA is a cosulting Agency dedicated to helping bloggers grow. It is amazing and if you're a blogger or you know a blogger, check them out here.

So to the main thing were here to read about, if you're thinking of how to cope in this heat and still look like todays bread all the time keep reading.

Here are some tips to show this Sun that you're also packing:

1. Anti-perspirant deodorants: I know some of us just pick any deodorant off the counter and pay for it but please stop today. I bring you good tidings of anti-perspirant deodorant. Please make sure to check this on the body of the deodorant you use. Now, this won't stop you from sweating completely but all things being equal it should reduce it significantly. Thus, helping you smell nice for longer during the day.

2. Makeup: I'm going to shove a lot in here cause this point deserves a whole post -or more even- dedicated to it honestly (tell me in the comments if you want this). Get a really really good primer. Choose your foundation wisely, based on your skin type and what you need it to do, in this case stay put and flawless. Setting powder is key please, don't spare that face. Pile on the layers generally. If you're wearing a ton of layers (of course in a flawless way) trust me its not gong anywhere. So don't be scared, We're coming for edges people!
Finally invest in some good setting spray and use that thing like steam in a sauna. Don't be shy.

Blotting paper is a life saver people!

3. Dab, don't rub or swipe: this is an everyday rule for us makeup users to be honest. However, we all know in this weather there's likely to be sweat and we're going to need to get rid of it. So while doing that please dab lightly at your face and not just swipe or wipe your face anyhow. You will just move your makeup around and end up looking like a masqurade... just kidding... maybe. Seriously, dab.
While at that do well to dab with blotting paper (or tissue as a second option) when attempting to retouch your makeup.

This is such a pretty fan

4. Have a hand fan: if you live in a hot place and you don't go about with a hand-held fan in your bag are you even sure you don't like this heat? Don't wait until you go for an event only to find out they invited you there to cook you before you realize you need one. Seriously, when I lived in hot places, a hand fan was literally part of my outfit; can't rely on hope for AC. Get a hand fan today.

5. Sleeveless clothes: I wasn't going to include “wear light materials” cause I think we all know that but this I must include. Its an easy life hack for heat periods. Try to wear more sleeveless clothes. Buy sleeveless tops and dresses, let your underarms breathe. If you need to be in corporate wears this is actually more for you, you can just throw on a blazer on a camisole and take it off whenever to cool off.

6. Tights: this is discretionary but I personally would advice tights more regularly than for just heat. They keep your thighs from rubbing together thereby keeping thigh rashes at bay and helping you not get dark inner thighs (yes it is very possible). They are also much better than underskirts, lets be honest, those things are ugly.

7. Baby powder: if 6 above doesn't work for you then baby powder might. Get yourself a bottle and use a generous amount between your thighs and other sweaty places. If you're indoors and do not mind looking like a ghost you can have fun and go all out on your neck and face even. We understand, we've all been there.

8. Baby wipes: these are such a saver for so many situations that if you don't have them you need to really tell me how you get through life. It should be in everyone's emergency kit. When those sweat glands break through that anti-perspirant deodorant on a long day and you're sweating in uncomfortable places and you just need some temporary freshness before you can see your bathroom again, baby wipes are your friend.

9. Ice flask: not all of us work in nice offices that have dispensers with cold water and all that, some of us need to be on the go even. This is where an ice flask comes to play. We know that most of the time the water sold by hawkers and in roadside shops are really just sweating like us and not truly cold. Besides, this season flat out calls for ice not cold water. We need that thing to last for a while. So get a portable ice flask and thank me later.

These trousers are so cool, no?

10. Trousers over skirts: yes this issue of sweaty thighs. We know how annoying it gets. Its worth 3 whole points. So lets put on trousers instead skirts and give ourselves less to worry about. It will also afford you the freedom skirts generally don't allow.

With these few points of mine, I hope I've been able to help you conquer this heat situation, even if its just a little.

Now lets hold hands and pray for more rain...

Oh, before that, how are you coping with the heat? Any tips for me? Drop them in the comment section.

See you in my next post...

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  1. Wow! This was really helpful.Gotta get those tights(this thighs are not getting darker t

    1. thank you very much. people always ask me how I don't have dark inner thighs and its literally that, tights.