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Tips On How To Grow As A Makeup Artist And Beauty Influencer || My 5 Year Experience

As at September this year, I turned 5 years old as a professional makeup artist. I can not even believe all this time has passed, time has flown by. Over time, I have definitely grown as an artist, business owner and creator so I will be sharing a few tips to help makeup artists and enthusiasts in their journey.
A little back story: I enrolled in makeup school in September 2013 because I wanted to do people's makeup and make them feel beautiful. Dolapo of PrettyInk Signature was an amazing teacher and after 3 weeks, I knew most of the basics of makeup. Dolapo encouraged me to continue practicing and I did that, maybe a little too much lol (I would skip classes sometimes to do makeup in my second year of university, sorry mummy). That's the first tip: PRACTICE! I cannot say this enough. I kept doing makeup on myself and all my friends almost daily for months just so I don't forget what I learnt and so that I get better. I don't do makeup on myself as often anymore but it is because I now know what works for me and I have honed my skills.

September 2013

Next tip is NEVER STOP LEARNING. Now this may seem cliche but it's the truth. Be open minded and be ready to learn and unlearn some techniques or things you knew before. When I learnt makeup, I wasn't taught how to highlight and contour with concealer, I wasn't taught how to achieve that blinding glow. However, I continued watching YouTube videos, following the right people on social media and learning new things daily. YouTube is your best friend; don't hesitate to join classes you can afford to learn from artists you admire.

August 2017

One thing that has helped me grow is STAYING CURRENT. As I said earlier, I wasn't taught some things in makeup school but that was because those techniques were not mainstream in the makeup industry at that time, being matte was the in thing then; also, brows looked a certain way, ombre lips were the rave as well. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and it definitely helps to stay current so you won't look outdated and so that you won't be caught unaware when your client requests a new trend you aren't conversant with.



As Dako Alice (aka the blog fixer) says, ALWAYS SHOW UP. This simply means that you create content always, even when it's hard, especially when you don't feel like. Consistency is key in this industry especially if you want to become a household name. Some people are not seeking after social media fame and that's fine; you still need to always show up off camera. Consistency goes hand in hand with practice of course. 



Please, TRUST THE PROCESS. There are times when I have felt like quitting makeup because I felt like I wasn't growing financially, on social media or even in my skills. However I have learnt to trust the process and always remind myself that I am growing in one way or another. Even when I am not working and earning money, I am reading and watching videos to educate myself. Some creators "blow" in a day and some take years. Just believe in your journey and trust the process. For your sanity, don't compare yourself to anyone. Also, always take pictures to compare your work after every few months, you might be surprised.


Another thing, BE OPEN TO CRITICISM. There is a difference between haters and critics and you have to be discerning. Don't allow negativity discourage you but do not be too proud to identify honest criticism. For the first few months after makeup school, I sent pictures of my work to Dolapo for criticism and even when her words hurt, I set aside my emotions and worked to improve my skills. Some time last year, I posted a picture of a look and a makeup artist I admire sent me a dm on Instagram stating that the picture was a poor representation of my work. I almost replied emotionally but I looked at the picture several times and I completely agreed with her; the picture/look wasn't my best work and it didn't portray me in a good light so I deleted it and posted another one. Funny enough, I met her a few months after and she recognized me (which meant alot to me) and it was pretty cool. Imagine if I insulted her ancestors after seeing her criticism?


Another thing that has helped me is knowing my NICHE, STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Even though I can do a wide range of makeup looks and techniques, I know what I am best at: eyeshadow and skin. My least favorite thing to do is eyeliner lol. Also I am not a very out of the box makeup artist, like extreme looks, SFX, drag, etc (maybe in the future). Knowing my strengths have helped me use them to my advantage, focusing looks I do on myself and my clients in these areas. Knowing my weaknesses have also helped me know what areas to improve. Because I recognize my niche in the industry, I know my path, I don't compare myself with other artists and I only follow people I learn from on social media. However, I am open minded and I try not to be predictable with my looks, I leave my comfort zone sometimes. 

I won a national competition with this look in 2016


Learn how to COLLABORATE. You definitely need a great network of creatives to aid you grow. For almost two years, Nicole of Valeo Photography and I had a great thing whereby she did my shoots for free and I was her go to makeup artist when she had a concept to execute. This arrangement definitely helped us both grow and we pushed each other to try new things. Find people you can work with and benefit from. Connect with people on social media and ask questions, engage on their posts, be kind.

Lastly, ENJOY THE ARTISTRY. There are some bad days, this art has driven me to tears, I have had issues with people and lost some friends who were nothing but negative but at the end, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Of course I have made mistakes but I do not let them define me. I truly enjoy doing makeup on clients, even more than I enjoy wearing makeup. I still have fears when I am doing a client's face but ultimately, I believe in myself, my experience and most of all, I believe in this gift God has given me. I have big dreams in the industry, keep your eyes out for me.


I hope you have learnt a thing or two. Feel free to drop more tips in the comment section, let's all learn.

See you in my next post. Xoxo.

Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear. It is his punishment that makes a person fear. So his love is not made perfect in the one who has fear.

1 John 4:18 ERV

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