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How to Survive Nigerian Law School, Abuja Campus

Sorry for the break in transmission, the series is back with just two more episodes to go! We move to the Abuja campus.

Hey!Kindly Introduce Yourself To Our Readers.
My name is Damilola Olukeye. I'm a 23 Yr old lover of creative and expressive art who also has a degree in Law. I'm here to share my thoughts on my experience as a student of the Nigerian Law School during the 2017/2018 academic year at the Abuja Campus.

How did you feel when you saw your Nls campus posting?

To be honest, I was glad but I hadn't been worrying. Weirdly enough, I just believed God would send me to Abuja Campus which is what I wanted. It never occurred to me that I might be sent elsewhere.

How Was The Resumption And Registration Process?
Unfortunately, I fell ill the day registration was to begin. But I had determined to do it that day anyway. So that hampered things a little. The process isn't confusing or anything but one thing I wish I'd known prior was that you'd need to take passports on the spot with the official tie. So make sure you wear either a white shirt or black top. Lots of people didn't know that. I just happened to be wearing a black casual dress cause I actually like black. The key thing though is to ask questions. Have someone you trust who finished from your campus and ask as many questions as you need to. Also, keep your ears to the ground. Don't be an island. Have as many sources of information as you need. You can never be too prepared. Keep all evidences of payment and have extra copies. It'll make the process a lot smoother.

Gosh, that answer was long; sorry 😊

Tell us about the accommodation? Are There Any Options, like different sizes of rooms with better amenities?
Well, everyone usually gets a bed space with one roommate. There are two rooms in a “flat” and the flat has one toilet with a sink and one bathroom. There are other hostels with special names like Katsina and Afghanistan that have different arrangements such as larger rooms with more people but the cost is the same. You could also live off campus. There are many options that vary from quite extensively serviced and expensive to more affordable options with less amenities.

Any contraband not allowed in hostel?

A list is usually given during registration but I can't readily think of anything apart from weapons and illegal drugs.

How long do lectures usually last for?How did you Cope with those hours?

Unfortunately, during my year was when they decided to extend lectures till 4pm. So there's the general overview from 9 till 11, a short break for 30 minutes, two more sessions from 11:30 - 1:30 and 2:30 - 4:00pm. The other two sessions are usually more lectures and group presentations (yup, there are groups). Sometimes there are practice questions to answer in the last class and there is almost always time for questions.

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Did you ever have time to read before class or make notes? Does your campus allow for printed handouts?

Well, personally I didn't read much before class but I think just going through the handbook is sufficient. It helps a bit when the class is going on. As for making notes, I wasn't crazy about those either. I actually marked my textbooks based on what was focused on in class. I also jotted a lot in class. That helped save precious study time. The lecturers mostly gave soft copies of their presentations or notes to the class and on very few occasions did we need to get hard copies. I recommend investing in at least one good book per course and a good drafts book (personally, I liked Ogbuanya, Oniekoro and Dadem. Don't worry. The names will make sense when you get there)

Let's talk about the food? What are the good food spots around campus or in town?

Abuja is a decent foodie destination but town is like 45 minutes away. The food on campus comes from several places. There are restaurants in mammy and in hostels and around hostels. There's even one in the auditorium (those guys made a killing during break). If you are wise you can pace yourself without spending too much money. Gala was my friend but suya was my bestie (the suya guys all knew my name lol). But for good food, I'd say try everything and see what works for you. Personally, I liked the smoothies from Madam Fruit, the spaghetti from Mama Aisha, the jollof rice from hostel B, the suya from Madam Fruit's neighbours (my guys) and sometimes I'd get chips and sausage next to hostel B.

Any fun experiences you had during your stay? Share with us.

Well, there were a few parties and stuff but parties are really hit or miss, in my opinion. The really special things were a movie night that was for charity and a variety night. One of the students wrote and directed a play (shout out to @anaecherie on IG) and it was marvelous. The most fun thing about Abuja Campus for me though, was Dr Olówó (a short version of his name). He was an absolute gem, just incredibly hilarious. He always cracked me all the way up.

What's The Cost Of Living? Does one need 30 billion in the akant?

Cost of living isn't too high. I was able to survive on an average of N600 a day for the whole day (I don't eat much). But a regular size meal is about N400. So you definitely don't need to be swimming in kudu (money).

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What's the preferred means of transportation? What's the transport fare from the airport?

Many people had cars but most people walked everywhere. The distances are not long at all. But there are okadas and a lot of people I know had a particular taxi guy they knew and would call if they needed to go to town. I live in Abuja so I'm not sure of the fare directly from the airport but I heard someone say something scary like 10 grand. I think the key is to not tell them you're going to bwari until after the price has been agreed on lol. I think seven grand is what would be a more likely price though.

Any Strict Rules On Dressing To Class?

Well, yes. White must be white not off white. Black dresses and skirts must be knee length or longer. No sleeveless clothes and guys must always wear a black or regulation tie.

What did do to cool off after class or during the weekend?

Lol, I often went home. School can be kinda dry but the key is if you have time since town isn't so far, Jabi Lake Mall was an option for many people and I suppose restaurants and parks as well. Going to town on the weekends was a steady thing for lots of people whether they lived in Abuja or not. Personally, I just often went to sit down at home lol.

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What did you think about the 3 compulsory law school dinners?

I think they were a formality that nobody needs to be scared of. Just stay inconspicuous and mind your manners. Ideally, you should use a fork and knife and eat the courses in order but since some people I knew didn't even have proper cutlery then that can be a challenge. Anyway, it's not that big a deal. All girls have to go with their natural hair though.

Tips for preparing for bar finals, especially during externship?

Don't be paranoid. Use the learning outcomes in the handbooks to cover each topic. If you do that, you've learned all you need to know. The outcomes are all that the syllabus expects of you so focus on that. And do lots of drafts (like I said before Oniekoro is your friend). There are drafts that are essential make sure you practice them. It helps with understanding as well. Ask questions!! Never be ashamed to ask. And listen when others ask as well. Use the handbooks and the laws like your bible. Anything contrary to the laws especially is just academic bants. Don't focus on it!

Any advice for someone about to enter the Nigerian Law School?

Don't let anyone freak you out. It's totally doable. Focus on learning cause you're curious and not just memorising. Also, remember to enjoy yourself! Make memories! And start studying early. You don't need to remember everything at once but if you start early you'll learn at your own pace and it'll be harder for the general hysteria to affect you. I'm a believer and I know for a fact that fear is the No 1 enemy. Don't let fear ruin your faith and hard work.

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I know I've said a whole lot (lol I talk a lot) but I hope this post is useful to you. Thank you for reading.



Thanks so much Dami for the wonderful breakdown.

One more campus to go guys! I am so excited and sad to end this series. Have you enjoyed it so far? Leave a comment. See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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