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How to survive Nigerian Law School, Enugu campus

Each law school campus seems to have its unique experiences and challenges. Let's find out what happens in Enugu campus.

Hey! Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, My name is Sam-Oburu Beauty Adaugo. You can find me on Instagram: @Adaugooo or twitter: @Adaugooo_

How did you feel when you saw your NLS campus posting?

When I was posted to Enugu campus, my first reaction was “oh shit” (excuse my language). I wasn’t happy about it at all because I really wanted Lagos and I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone.

How was the resumption and registration process?

The resumption process wasn’t so tedious. I couldn’t finish on the first day because I travelled to Enugu on resumption day. It was just tiring because one had to go from one office to another and do a lot of photocopying. Besides that, it wasn’t stressful.

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Tell us about the accommodation? Are there any options, like different sizes of rooms with better amenities?

Enugu campus offers different accommodations. There is Adam and Eve which is the standard hostel included in the school fees(6Man Room), there is Blue Roof hostel (3 Man room), Executive hostel (2/3 Man room) and Classic hostel (3-Man room, this was the one I stayed in). The biggest room would be the Classic hostel. It’s more or less like a bungalow, so you don’t have neighbors. It has a bathroom and toilet. The Blue Roof hostel also has in inbuilt bathroom and toilet. Adam and Eve hostel has bathroom and toilet as well which you share with an adjoining room; this is also applicable to the Executive hostel.

Any contraband not allowed in hostel?

For contraband, we were told not to use irons and other electric appliances.

How long do lectures last for? How did you cope with those hours?

Lectures usually run from 9am to about 2pm. I don’t think it was so stressful for me except I just wasn’t in the mood for classes. We usually have 30minutes break by 11 so that helps as well.

Did you ever have time to read before class or make notes?

There was more than enough time to read before class or make notes but if you’re like me I never did any of those. I usually went to class to listen and I formed all my notes in class.

Does your campus allow for printed handouts?

Enugu campus allows for printed handouts. There were a lot of this circulating; the likes of Aisha, Kenneth, Easy read and more. There was no ban against them or anything; we were just advised to utilize them with caution as most of them had outdated laws which may no longer be the law school’s position.

Let's talk about the food? What are the good food spots around campus or in town?

Honestly if you’re like big on food, Enugu might not be the best place. The campus is quite distance from town so constantly getting good food may not be easy. There are spots like Calabar kitchen, Lagos kitchen, Anambra kitchen, Mama Goodness and many more. You just have to find the one your stomach can adjust to and survive. Lol.

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Any fun experiences you had during your stay? Share with us.

Enugu law school was really a great place for me. I began to even wonder what my reluctance to go was for. I went out occasionally to amusement parks, parties and other fun stuff.

What's the cost of living? Does one need 30 billion in the akant?

To be fair, you don’t need tons of money to survive in Enugu. The cost of living is relatively cheap. Well that depends on where you’re coming from; food isn’t so expensive, public transportation isn’t expensive as well.

What's the preferred means of transportation? What's the transport fare from the airport?

The fare from the airport to the law school ranges from about 5,000 - 8,000 depending on how well your bargaining skills are.

Any strict rules on dressing to class?

Dressing to class in law school is different on each campus. In Enugu, the dress code was white and black from Mondays to Thursdays. On Fridays we were allowed to wear native attires. Fridays were usually my favorite. People went all out on Fridays because you could literally wear anything as long as it is decent and it is a native attire; by anything I mean, tie wrappers, agbada, affixed a walking stick lol and more. For females, only pregnant women were allowed to wear black dresses so if you want to pack a lot of black dresses, you must be pregnant.

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What did you do to cool off after class or during the weekend?

To cool off after class or during the weekend, I watched a lot of movies, created content, go out maybe for a night out with my friends or just sleep in and relax (I hope you were not expecting me to say read my books, lol).

What did you think about the 3 compulsory law school dinners?

The 3 dinners were good in my opinion. Just affords one the opportunity to see high people in the profession and dine with them and maybe learn your basic etiquettes. It was usually fun after the dinner though.

Tips for preparing for bar finals, especially during externship?

I am honestly not the best person to give exam tips because I didn’t even know what I was doing but looking back now, I’d say make use of the externship to maybe form your notes or just go through the notes or textbooks you have. Even if you cannot cover up, just do something. I personally was not good at multi-tasking (going to work or court every day and then squeezing in time to read) because I was usually very tired when I got back but if you find a convenient place for externship, utilize it. I studied a lot of past questions and read textbooks. I also associated with externs from other campuses to know what their campus was like and if there was anything my campus lecturers may have missed in class Also, make use of the externship period. It afforded me to see what actually happens in practice and decide whether law was my ministry or not.

Any advice for someone about to enter the Nigerian Law School?

My advice to anyone going to the Nigerian Law School would be to go there with an open mind. It’s not as scary as everyone makes it seem. You have to go there and figure it out yourself. What may have worked for one student may not work for you. It is also a place to meet people from all walks of life. Don’t look down on anyone; there are people there with many degrees apart from law, people from different experiences who could be great help to you in the future. I personally met some really amazing people within just 9 months and I know I would be in touch with these people for life. Enjoy law school, do what you have to do, it’s not that scary, read when you can, rest when you can, party when you can. Law school is a great opportunity but truly not a place to be twice.

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Thank you so much Beauty! Contact her if you have any questions about Enugu campus 💜

I hope you have been enjoying the series so far, only two more campuses to go 💃

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