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How to Survive Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus.

Hey guys! I have been away feeling down but also creating content and I am back! Law school was a big part of my life recently and people have been reaching out to me about it so I decided to interview a few friends  from each campus to bring you details about the whole Nigerian Law School experience. First up, the NLS Kano campus.

Hey! Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, I’m Daranijo Joshua Olajide, I love watching and (in my mind) professionally criticizing movies, I love worshiping God and apparently writing about my experiences in life. My social media handles are: @ola_joshua on Instagram, @daranijosh on Twitter and Daranijo Joshua Olajide on Linkedin and Facebook.

How did you feel when you saw your NLS campus posting?
I felt broken, I got what I didn’t even bargain for. Kano was not even in my list of choices! I slept on the bare tiles for most of that Wednesday night praying and thinking about the way forward. 

How was the resumption and registration process?

Funny story is I didn’t want to start registration on Monday though I had resumed on Sunday. I was still waiting for the miracle call from a friend in Abuja. By 12noon I came to my senses when I remembered that good accommodation spaces are limited in Kano Campus. By the time I started, I finished the next day at about 2pm. The process was quite easy if you had the necessary documents.

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Tell us about the accommodation? Are there any options, like different sizes of rooms with better amenities?

As I earlier stated, good accommodation is limited, the best ones are occupied within the first 2 weeks or less. The alternative is an adventurous life with at least 10 other roommates. The beauty of Kano Campus is you can get the best kind with just 3 people per room (toilet and bathroom per room) by being an early-bird or you get a 13 room apartment with one reading table and 2 bathrooms for the same 295k. Isn’t life wonderful?

Any contrabands not allowed in hostel?
They do not allow boiling rings or any kind of heater even in the extreme weathers. If you are caught (winks), that’s a query. 

How long do lectures last for? How did you cope with those hours?

In Kano, standard lecture time is 9am to 4pm but Tuesdays are known to have a longer duration. Civil Litigation adds an hour and a half most times. For me, all I ever needed to survive in class was a fully charged power bank and some things to snack on. 

Did you ever have time to read before class or make notes?

I did not make notes before, during or after class. I just revised my handouts and read through Student Handbook for the course. I mostly participated in group meetings.

Does your campus allow for printed handouts?
We had printed handouts from our lecturers  for almost every lecture and even for drafts. 

Let's talk about the food? What are the good food spots around campus or in town?
The food in Kano is NOT BAD but you just have to be careful. The food is quite cheap, but it can become when you eat at the wrong shop cos you will definitely pay for it some other way. One must be careful where one eats in school, food poisoning is a real issue in Kano Campus. Find what your system adapts to easily and slowly. In the meantime, get protection like Flagyl. As for eating outside school, town is about an hour away so that’s not a daily option. The best food spots are the ones closest to the Main Auditorium. As for Mammy Market, it’s a jungle out there, be careful! 

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Any fun experiences you had during your stay? Share with us.

I had so many fun experiences; Chapel was a blessing, added advantage was I was a member of the choir. Kano Town was a fun experience, traveling into town to watch movies at the mall while patronizing Shoprite’s Bread and Chicken, going to a neighbor town known as TIGA closer to the Law school to take a boat ride and ride on a camel. There were so many awesomee xperiences in Kano. Those are among a few.

What's the cost of living? Does one need 30 billion in the akant?
Cost of living is relatively cheap. A good meal could cost as low as 300 Naira, laundry was 100 Naira for 1 shirt (for those with such preferences), water and other amenities were quite affordable. Be however prepared to spend a lot on printing and photocopying handouts and sample drafts or document.

What's the preferred means of transportation? What's the transport fare from the airport?
Within campus, the only preferred means of transportation is your beautiful and able legs (unless you have a ride or a friend’s own. P.S ‘ride’ includes but is not limited to Cars and Bicycles) while transportation to and from town is in 2 categories; the big boy comfort cab package with 4 seating space and flat rate of 6 thousand Naira (which could increase in fuel scarcity periods) or the humble bros bus package with 1 thousand Naira (500 to, 500 fro) while you stand a chance of having a ram/goat or live chicken in the back of the bus as a passenger. As for airport rides, a cab at the airport would collect at least 15k; you could however share the ride cost with fellow students or still negotiate for less (Hausa language skills help your case). From the school to the airport could cost at least 8k with a reasonable and understanding driver. 

Any strict rules on dressing to class?

In Kano, dressing is kind of different but still strict too. Due to security concerns, you are not allowed to wear cardigans even in the cold weather. If you would need to, you wear them under your shirt like underwear (weird right?) and trust me you would definitely need to as some point. The alternative to this remains your suit jacket. They say they don’t allow the three-piece suit, that is the inner jacket is not allowed (remember ‘they say’). Ladies your skirt is constantly measured to meet standards they set. Guys enjoy growing your beards, just keep them tidy. Black and White is Black and White, no variations. 

What did you do to cool off after class or during the weekend?
For me, I watch movies, in school and the cinema in town. I followed all my favorite series up to until externship. Movies, Choir rehearsals and taking long walks in evening. That’s all I had got in my leisure times.

What did you think about the 3 compulsory law school dinners?

In my view, the dinners were a bit overhyped. I always made sure I had a satisfactory meal amiss the serious atmosphere and manners of the dinners. I loved the desert cake, always had more than my own to eat. (I know, foodie for life.) 

Tips for preparing for bar finals, especially during externship?
Before externship, try your best to listen in class and learn the principles the lecturers kept reiterating. The best part is when reading later, you could play a video in head of that scene in class. I preferred to read after class, the only reason I ever read before was to avoid being embarrassed when lecturers asked questions. For externship, as much as you want to fulfill a goal of covering the whole syllabus and curriculum, also endeavor to learn with the practical stuffs you see in court and in firm attachment. What you read in the book, try and see how it’s actualized or practiced in court and/or in firm. Also, the course handbooks given could also serve as a basic knowledge guide to the courses. I read them like story books before going to bed. (P.S this advice is subject to what works for you).

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Any advice for someone about to enter the Nigerian Law School?
In conclusion, Law School is not as bad as you might have heard; the whole fear about NLS is just a propaganda to keep the student vigilant and focused because truth be told, the difference in Law School is focus and determination. You cannot afford to get your eyes off the prize. I believe one must also trust God. Law School is by the Grace of God;

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3 v 5-6

TAKE NOTICE Trusting God cannot work when there is fear in your heart. Replace it with Faith.

Finally, PRAY WELL, READ WELL, SLEEP WELL, EAT WELL and LEARN WELL. You will be fine by God’s grace. THANK YOU!
Daranijo Joshua Olajide LL.B, AcArb

I hope this was a fun read for you. Feel free to contact Joshua if you have any questions on Kano campus.

Thanks for stopping by, see you in my next post.

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