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Movie Review: The Incredibles 2

So one whole week later... 

Guyyyyysss I’m coming out of my hiatus to do this.... okay because I choose to be nice, you are probably going to read this two weeks from now or so, but if I don’t write this now the hype will leave my body and that will be all.

So let’s get into this y’all. I waited 14 YEARS! Do you even know how old I was when I first watched this??? I can’t even remember what year it was... well Google told me. I remember watching “The Incredibles” with my siblings. The end was so open so we predicted a sequel in a year or two max. We didn’t even know the plans these people had for us. That was how I grew up with a broken heart. I was so pained. Being the lover of animation that I am, I watched it over and over again. I also (in typical Patsy manner) made everyone close to me watch it too. I mean, half bread is better than none.

Just imagine about 12 years later when I found out that “Incredibles 2” about to be released. Oh my gosh!!! My excitement knew no bounds. Have you ever given up on something and then boom it happens? Ah! Where was I to start doing backflips from??? So about 2 or 3 more years to wait abi? But we had waited this long, who were we to complain?. We waited.

The hype built... We made noise on social media... June 15th landed. Whoop whoop. So I saw the movie 2 days after the official release date, on the 17th. To cut th ing story short, here are my thoughts.

I loved how the movie picked up right from where it ended. Like obviously I knew, but sitting there watching it happen was like time travel fam. If time travel exists it would feel like that. All the time between the first time I watched the movie and this time disappeared, regardless of picture quality and all that jazz. That was brilliant. I hope everyone who gets to watch the movie (that saw the first one years ago) gets that feeling.

The theme of the movie was largely focused on empowering women. Need I say more? Right from the official trailer I was mega pumped up. Like yaaaasssss. When ... in one of the begining scenes talked about how he’s not scared of powerful women, I legit felt butterflies in my stomach. Lol. Okay I just was largely amused and pleased by the scene.

I loved how Mr incredible was a bit conflicted about Elastigirl being the one to take charge. I liked that they didn’t deny the fact that it indeed wasn’t particularly easy, especially in today’s world for men to do that given that they have been saddled with being the provider and all of that. However, Mr Incredible admits his conflict and was still able to let his wife go on and take charge (albiet for his selfish reasons) and how he also wasn’t afraid of taking over at the home front. Later on in the movie he wasn’t scared to admit he needed help and was trying his best, even to his own daughter. That was precious.

I loved the characters of both Dash and Violet. They stayed fresh. They legit didn’t miss a beat.

E!!! Ever so cool...

Frozone... the superhero Elsa. I want ice powers somebody!!! He’s the kind of super you want as a friend no?

I loved the fact that they actually got to fight other supers. So it took the fight to a whole other level. Switching dimensions and all that jazz. I didn’t particularly see the new supers coming. I totally should have though.

Jack Jack and his adorable fight with the raccoon. What sort of raccoon ones not give up anyway? I like that he was incorporated into the high battle and that his powers took his mom’s mask off. I meannnn.

What didn’t I like though?

The vilian was so obvious... Like urgh, couldn’t we have been surprised at least? I think the twist was meant to be the fact that it wasn’t both siblings being part of the plot, but still. Was wayyy too obvious from the beginning even. That was quite disappointing.

The ending was quite closed but I have questions;

What happens to the Underminer, will he be coming back? Is he our hope for a part 3???

Don’t we get to see Jack Jack hone his powers and see Voilet's romance?


Lastly, the fact that Violet goes to talk to her crush in the end despite her slight awkwardness was a lovely close for women empowerment I think. It’s been done before, yes I know but with the theme here, it was neat.

Was it worth the 14 year wait?

I vote yes... but if there’s a 3rd part can I please not wait till I’m in my 30s to see it? Pleaseeee.

2018 has been a good year so far movie wise. Incredibles 2 is a must see.

But tell me, which did you prefer, 1 or 2?
Were you confused by the short film at the begining off the movie?
Do you want in


Forever Animated

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  1. Forever animated. Honest! I literally counted down the moments after the announcement of a part 2 of the Incredibles 2years ago. My fingers were crossed hoping they wouldn’t disappoint. And yea, it wasn’t a disappointment

    They picked off from exactly where they stopped. That was so cool, and the kids, the parents, no one lost any bit of their character especially hot headed hyper active Dash. I felt the start of the movie was a lot slow but it took off gradually. I liked that they didn’t make Mr Incredible suddenly get the hang of the parenting bit, like “oh this is how it’s done”. It was more like a learning curve for him too.

    Oh. I’d love to see the movie again.

    1. Thanks for stopping by dear. I did the countdown too. I'd definitely add the movie to my collection and watch it a couple of times.