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I'm back!!! Oh and I had a salon day out.

Hey wonderful people... long time no see, long time no post, long time no anything. Short form, I’ve been at the Nigerian law school trying to become a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court. Y’all should put me in your prayers. I need to bag this degree like anything!

So welcome back here. I have missed you, and this space. I have missed writing. Gosh!

So let’s start of with hairrrrr.

My hair had been crying for some tlc. It has suffered the winter of law school too. I wasn’t moisturizing and sealing as much as I needed to, tried to cleanse and deep condition as often as I could though but I saw the effects of the lack of attention, breakage. Kai it broke my heart and worried me to no end, but where was the time to do anything about it??? I’d tell you, NOWHERE.

By this point I was 5 months post texlax. I could push my next texlax forward but that would require more care which I couldn’t afford at this point so I needed to think. My only other option... saloon.

So here’s the problem, I’ve not had my hair texlaxed at a saloon in over two years. I stopped at the beginning of my hair journey in 2015. Omg it’s been 2 years already!!! Most Nigerian saloons don’t know what a texlax is to begin with. You will just be hearing “sister no now, let the hair do very well, wait small, let’s not wash it now” until your whole scalp has fried. I can’t even imagine telling them to mix the relaxer with a conditioner or something. Lol. However my options were limited so I needed to get a saloon and get one quick.

So there’s this natural hair saloon I had stumbled upon in Jos once upon a time. I had bought products there a few times but never done my hair there. I figured why not give them a chance? So off I was the first opportunity I got with prayers in my heart that I would not live to regret this decision.

The name of the saloon is NATURE STRANDS and it’s located just opposite British America Junction in Jos close to Shawarma and Grills eatry. It has a big sign post in front of the entrance. It’s a small saloon, not too small, you wouldn’t feel choked up inside, at least I didn’t. All the stylists were very friendly and welcoming. I had to wait a while cause they had people on ground already and every one was busy. So I just sat on the couch and gisted with my sis who came with me.

When it was my turn I got to sit. I had previously explained that I wanted a texlax and a summary of what I would like them to do. So the stylist proceeded to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. I had previously done this that morning so she didn’t have much to do. (I couldn't take pictures during the process. I apologise)

She went on to spray it with leave in conditioner. After that she used vaseline around my hairline and in the partitions of my hair, then proceeded to apply the relaxer. She applied it only to the base of the hair where the new growth was and didn’t comb through. Yaay her. I didn’t even tell her what to do during the process.

We washed immediately. I didn’t spend a minute in that chair once she was done. Plus she was a warm conversationalist. I liked her. She washed with a neutralizing shampoo. (Disclaimer: I didn’t ask for the details of the products she used. I’m careless and trusting like that. Lol. She however told me at each step the nature of the product she was putting in my hair) after that she used a protein deep conditioner and put me under a steamer. My hair did some “cooking”.

A second stylist took over and rinsed with cold water. Room temperature water in this city is freezing honestly. Then she proceeded to dry using the comb blow out method after putting in a leave in and sealing with shea butter.

That was the end of the process.

I liked the service a lot. They did my hair very well. It didn’t relax and it felt really good when I was done.

The procedure cost me N1600 including the relaxer which I think is a good price.

I also liked the fact that there wasn’t a lot of gossip going on. Saloons have a reputation for carrying gossip and it's very true. I get really impressed whenever I go to a saloon and there isn’t gossip just spewing all over the place so yes, they deserve some accolades.

What I didn’t like was the fact that I felt like the saloon could be more organised. I know how though it could be especially when handling hair but it’s needed for more professionalism and give your customers a lasting impression of excellence. The fact that things seemed to be all over the place bothered me a lot.

So that’s it guys... my saloon day out. I do see myself going back there to get my hair done again. If you’re in Jos and you need your hair done, do well to check them out.

They also sell good hair product in case you want to purchase.

So see you in my next post... I just might gist you about law school.

Much love 💜

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