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Empties: Olay oil minimizing Toner and Argan Oil Night Repair Serum

Skincare is a big deal for me. That's because great skin begets a great looking and long lasting facebeat. I have a skincare routine post but I have been trying out and switching up some products over the last few months which are worthy of mention on the blog. I will be reviewing my now empty Olay oil minimizing toner and Argan Oil night repair serum.

The Olay toner is meant for normal skin. I have
combination skin which means I am oily on some parts of my face (nose, cheeks, forehead and chin) and dry on all other parts of my face. Honestly, combination skin can be tedious to care for. This toner made the job easy. It definitely minimized the oil (sebum) my oily areas produced without drying me out. The product lasted me over 3 months and cost me N2500 which is not too expensive for a good product like this. It also contains witchhazel which prevents and controls acne but since I don't have serious acne I can't tell if it helps with break outs. I will definitely repurchase this product.

I have always wanted to try out a face serum so when I found this one for N750 or so at Invivo Beauty in Abuja, I bought it without thinking. It claims to give the skin "bouncebackability" lol (the ability to bounce back and be refreshed after the sun, dust, humidity and stress of the day). I don't know if it actually does that but I love how my skin feels after applying this serum at night. My face feels smooth and soft so I am good. I really love the fact that this is a dropper bottle (makes me feel like I am using a high-end product). I have already repurchased the bigger bottle of this product so you know it's gonna be a keeper in my skincare routine till further notice.

These two products pair well together. I know this because the toner I am currently using doesn't pair well with the serum (my face looks super greasy the morning after using both products) so I need to find my Olay toner in the closest supermarket asap.
Loving my skin right now

Do you have a skincare routine? Share your holy grail products with me in the comment section. I might find something new to try out.

See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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