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Death is good... sometimes

I recently lost a dear family friend, someone I looked up to as a spiritual father. Honestly, it shook me a little. It got me thinking, wondering what the point of this life was at all.

But I was reminded that death is good sometimes.

Losing a loved one is never easy. No words can be said to soothe the gut wrenching pain and cold realization that you will never again see a person, hear their voice or watch them laugh.

Now, as a believer, the death of a believer is only sad to that extent, that you can no longer enjoy their earthly presence. We have a greater joy in the fact that you have gone home to rest.

Our joy is rooted in our faith, the faith that Jesus died, was buried and rose again on the third day to bring us to oneness with God and so when we shed our mortal coil, we return to be with God forever.

And so we do not dread death because for us, it means love and hope; the love that God showed us on the Cross by letting Jesus die for our sins and the hope that because we believe in Christ's finished work on the Cross, we will be united with Him in spirit when we die.

We are even more excited because Christ's resurrection from dead means that we are now more than conquerors and our faith is made valid by his resurrection. Death could not hold him down!

And so I am assured that all the saints that have died will resurrect from the dead at the Second Coming to meet Jesus in the skies before the living believers do the same.
And so I am comforted because, death is good sometimes.

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For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, it is much more certain, having been reconciled, that we will be saved [from the consequences of sin] by His life [that is, we will be saved because Christ lives today].

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  1. This is a nice piece. I can personally relate and you were damn right when you said " words can be said to soothe the gut-wrenching pain and cold realisation that..." I have known pain in its purest form! You are right also that our joy is rooted in our faith. When I think about it, I feel sad but then I say to myself "You can cry that he is dead or you can smile that he has lived." At that point, I smile. Irving have learnt one thing, it's that the painbshall pass in time, as do all things born of misfortune. Let us rejoice in the knowledge that there is a brighter 'star' ahead.