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Street Food Naija: Grasshoppers

Happy New Year! Don't roll your eyes at me, it's still January (definitely the longest month I have ever experienced) so technically I can still say happy new year 😏

What better way to start the year than to tell you about a popular street food in some parts of Northern Nigeria: crunchy spicy fried grasshoppers. Now before you run away in horror, let me be the first to tell you, it's not as bad as it sounds.

Growing up in Jalingo, I had an aunt who schooled in Maiduguri, Borno State and one of my favorite memories was when she came back from University with a good amount of fried grasshoppers for me and my cousins to snack on. I stopped being a picky eater at the age of 6 or so, so I was always open to eating almost anything (I have eaten some really weird things in my lifetime).

The last time I had this snack was over 10 years ago somewhere in Jos so when I saw it in the market in Yola, I was truly ecstatic.

Isn't it beautiful? 

Interesting fact: fried grasshoppers taste like nothing. What I mean is, it doesn't have a distinct taste. The most distinct thing is that it is really crunchy and if you ask for some pepper, then it is spicy.

For me, it was mostly a nostalgic experience that took me back to my childhood.

I even gave some to my roommate from Akure and she attested to the fact that it doesn't taste like anything in particular.

Will I continue buying this anytime I go to Jimeta market? Definitely.

I encourage you to open your mind to new food experiences this new year 💜

Do you like posts like this? I am quite excited about telling people about street food in the North.

Have you had grasshoppers or any other weird snack before? Share your experience in the comment section below 😘

See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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  1. okay....... now make me feel like having a taste of this grasshopper thing

  2. Grasshoppers... Okay, AI am not gonna say anything but wow! We all eat weird foods and I am not an exception. Wow!