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Life has been happening

Hello, my name is Sike and it has been over 50 days since our last upload on the blog 😭 Truth is, life has been happening.

Blogging is truly about passion, it is a labor of love, something to do even when you or feel like doing it. Therefore I apologize for not blogging recently. I have been waiting to feel like blogging instead of doing it anyways for you guys.

Patsy and I have been up to so many things lately. If you follow us on any social media, you will know that the last two months have been super eventful.

October started off with my birthday and most of the month was spent preparing for our convocation from the University. Patsy and I both graduated with LL. B (Hons) on the 21st of the month. Patsy was part of organizing an amazing women's event at our alma mater during the last weekend of the month.

In truth, nothing in particular has happened this month but time has just sped by fast. Patsy and I are both growing and "adulting". Aunties are starting to hint at marriage 😒.

I am back to blogging now and I have so many pending posts from now to the end of 2017 so stay with me 😘

See you in my next post. Xoxo

If you must choose, take a good name rather than great riches, for to b held in loving esteem is better than silver and gold.

Proverbs 22:1 (The Living Bible

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