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I won't spend my time with just anybody...

Hello people. How was your weekend? Mine was quite fabulous. I had a great time in church yesterday and later that evening was nice cause “God Colours” had her first link up and I was just grateful to God.

Please who watched The Voice NG yesterday and wanted to cry like me? The results were so unpredictable. Nigerian Twitter had me in tears about the finale. In all honesty after they kicked out Wilson and Precious the week before I had all my hopes on Jahtel. Girl can singgg. Then she didn’t make it. Frankly the show ended there for me. I was low Key rooting for Wow though. When he came fourth... In fact lets just move on.

So new week and here’s my #MondayMotivation.

I really had no idea what to post on here this morning but as I was scrolling down IG I got inspired.

There’s a saying that goes “show me your friend and I’d tell you who you are”, which holds true to this day no matter how much you want to argue it. An inspiring young lady in my life (Nicole Egbogu) once said “you are the average of the 3 people closest to you.” That stuck with me (assuming I got the number right cause I’m not sure). Another saying goes “be careful the company You keep”, true statement.
A lot of emphasis is placed on the people we surround ourselves with because they are huge influences in our lives. They determine a lot about who we are. You can always see the people around you in yourself. You probably learn catch phrases off them, have a similar sense of humour, and even closely related values. They play a big role in your life.

Today we have the opportunity of having so many people in our lives asides our inner circle, and we spend a lot of time with these people. Who are these people you may ask? Well, they are the ones filling up your internet space. Your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. We can agree a lot of us spend lots of time with these people. Reading and commenting on their opinions, viewing their pictures, updates and whatnot, allowing them to feed our minds.

I wonder how many of us are conscious of the people we surround ourselves with online.
Few years back I chose to be very deliberate about my internet space. The people I follow, the content I read. I knew what I wanted my life to be like, what I wanted to be reminded of on a daily basis and I streamlined my social media accordingly. You can easily tell what I like by my Instagram feed. I know lots of us follow many people because we are acquaintances in real life and it’s like the “proper” thing to do, and we can't control what they post. Well, let me leave that matter, but many of us follow unnecessary pages and accounts that just feed us with rubbish. A while back there was a blog I followed religiously. At first I did it because the blogger posted amazing, well written stories that had me in tears from laughter but as time progressed it slowly became a gossip site. For one that loves gist like me at first it was nice, I felt like oh wow, I get to be in the know of things, but soon I realised that all that gossip was not adding anything valuable to my life, I also knew with time all these things will begin to influence my views. Bottom line, it had to go, and it did.

I try my best to filter what makes it’s way to my internet space cause it influences my life. If I’m looking for motivation I follow pages that will motivate me, if I’m looking for inspiration I follow accounts that give what I’m looking for, if I want to avoid certain things I avoid them on social media too.

Point is your internet space plays a big part in your life so be deliberate about it. You control what you let in your personal space.

Like I previously quoted, “be careful the company you keep”.

Have a wonderful week people...

Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.

- 1 Cor 15:33

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