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DIY: how to make a simple satin bonnet.

Hello... hope we all had wonderful weekends? My city was a bit tensed due to an uprising that happened in town. So if you’re reading this please pray for peace and unity in Nigeria.

However, I and my family are very alright, and asides that we had a nice weekend.

So to the new week, where my hairlistas at? If you’re a follower of this blog you should know that I love hair in general, and diy too so I’m here with a simple diy for us on how to make a reversible satin bonnet.

It’s interesting to know that bonnets have been serious fashion statements before and have also be regular daily wear for women in time past. Presently however, in the hair community, satin bonnets are everything. Why satin? Because the material helps keep moisture in your hair and also prevents excess friction, so less breakage and if you have your hair done, it also helps to keep the style looking great for longer.

So down to business...

Materials you would need:

• Satin material (to be on the safe side get about 1 yard)
• Scissors
• Thread
• A measuring rape
• Chalk
• A table or flat surface
• A needle or sewing machine
• Elastic band
• Safety pin
• Office pins
• Chalk

So how I went about this...

I had two separate pieces of material so I just laid them against each other (using office pins to hold the edges together) and traced a circle on top with a diameter of about 20 inches. I did this by placing the measuring tape 10 inches from one edge and marking a circle round while keeping one end in one place (the middle of the circle).

There is a much easier way of cutting out a circle ( I wonder why I took the hard way around too), hopefully I’d do a post on something that involves that.

Then I proceeded to cut out the circle.

Next I turned over the fabric so that the right side of each was facing inward (facing each other) and I made a stitch around the edge. I left a small opening so I would be able to turn over when I was done.

Then I traced a second circle one inch inward from the edge and stitched that one (no need to leave space here)

Finally I took the elastic band, which I measured beforehand to the circumference of my sisters head (the bonnet was for her).
I attached the safety pin to the end to enable me pass it through the fabric.

When I was done passing it through I stitched both ends of the elastic together and closed the opening.

And gbam the bonnet was done.

That was it.

I hope this is helpful to someone who wants to save some extra cash cause asides the stuff I already had (sewing materials) it cost me like N400 at best cause that's all the material cost me.

Have you ever made a satin bonnet before? How did you do it? Would you like to make one?

Have a wonderful

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  1. Oooh this is way better than simply attaching an elastic band to the edge of the material to avoid friction against our edges. Weldone!