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It was actually Painful...

Hey BnB Lovers, I trust we are all doing good.

Lets talk Monday motivation. Here's one more lesson I've learned about work.
 It gives you free motivation. I had a typical "Monday morning" today. I could barely get myself out of bed. I just wasn't in their to go anywhere or do anything. I however had to get over myself and get ready to go out cause I needed to get to my classes. I wasn't so happy about that but once my head cleared I was ready to achieve something for the day.
If I didn't have a place to be I might have just been lazy all day. So this Monday I thank God for work.
Now to the main gist...
So I texlaxed my hair at 19 weeks po st about two weeks back. My hair was still quite manageable but I was ready for a new texlax and I scheduled my next one for sometime in August. I would have waited for a full 5 months but my calendar was getting full and I wanted to get a protective style in soon. So I would have less work to do with my hair.

I texlax my hair by myself so I do it at home. I use the Dark and Lovely Professional mix in regular and I don’t mix with anything when I texlax. I just don’t leave it on as long as I would if I was relaxing.

I have to admit that this was the most painful texlax or relaxer I have ever done in my life. The process is usually painless for me (which is probably why I’m still in this relaxer game) so this was a whole new experience for me. My head was on fire as soon as I massaged the product in. Incase you’re asking the product wasn’t the problem. I had been scratching my scalp heavily in the preceding weeks and this caused me to have a very sensitive scalp at the time of the texlax. Because I had never experienced serious pain during this process before, even though I was aware that I had been scratching my scalp, I didn’t think it would be much of an issue. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! It hurt. I didn’t waste anytime taking the relaxer out. And the pain didn’t even let me deep condition. I just washed with my shampoo which was surprisingly very soothing and I did try to deep condition but my scalp hurt so I just rinsed everything out and got out of the bathroom.
My hair didn’t suffer any damage and I immediately slathered my scalp with Shea butter. I woke up with one burn to my scalp somewhere at towards the back. Sigh, Thank God it wasn't more.

Incase you are wondering also, no I’m not going natural yet. The struggle continues since the mistake was mine. (This might sound foolish to some but oh well)

My hair has however really improved. My anniversary is coming up next month and I’m so happy at my progress.

So that’s the story of my texlax and the moral of this story is if you chemically alter your hair permanently (especially using relaxers) PLEASE DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR SCALP SO MUCH in the weeks preceding your process. I can’t shout.

Have you ever had a painful relaxer? Tell me your story.
See you soon. Stay blessed.

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  1. When I had relaxed hair, the process was always always always painful, I think it was traumatizing. Since going natural, I have learned that my scalp is naturally sensitive. And even now, I still handle my hair gently. See how I used my hand to kill myself? Sigh! Don't go near Profectiv. Death, on a stick.

    1. I always saw people cry in pain I never really understood till that day. My scalp isn't so sensitive, yet my hair itself has a very fine texture and can break easily. I guess I took that for granted. Never again.
      Thanks for stopping by mama 😊