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I'm at sewing school 💃💃💃

Heyya... how’s the week going?
I’ve always heard people say how frustrating it is not to have a job to do. For the most part I always thought it was about not getting a steady income, but I’m starting to learn that it goes beyond just that.
 It’s such a great feeling when you wake up each morning with something to do. Having work gives you some sense of purpose per day. You have things to do, a time table of some sort, constant motivation. It helps you achieve more because it regulates the way you spend your time. Having an income returning from work also makes it a lot better. If you are lucky and your job is something you enjoy then cheers, the feeling is wonderful.
You’re wondering why all this talk? For the last one month I’ve just been at home resting. I wasn’t jobless cause there’s always something to do in my house but I personally wasn’t achieving much cause my timetable was slack. While I was enjoying the ability to just lazy about sometimes, it quickly got old. So starting my sewing classes was quite a relief.

Now about this sewing. First let me state it isn’t my first time. I’ve learned to sew before, about 2 years back. For many technical reasons I stopped the classes and barely continued practicing what I already knew, I however knew more than the basics. After that I always stitched with my hands like I have been doing since I was a child (My mum thought me how to make a basic top in primary school. It was yellow and V-Necked and had darts. That was my first ever actual selfmade garment).
So after school let out this year I barely had plans for the summer. Along the line my mum mentioned picking up my sewing again and I toyed with the idea for a while, prayed about it but I was skeptical. So one day we went for a certain event and a woman hands me a flyer. Long story short I had a full training glaring at me. Kept praying and I knew I was going to do this again, the excitement began to build and that’s how I enrolled in the three month programme at Wenasami Fashion. You can check them out on Instagram @Wenasamifashion.

It’s interesting the things your body and mind don’t forget. As soon as I sat at the machine my hands remembered things on their own and I just knew how to do other things. I was quite impressed how neat my stitches still are and the amount of control I had over the machine. Thank you Jesus. I however forgot some things, like how pedalling could be stressful and how it can be annoying when thread cuts in the middle of your grove. You get used to it though.
My experience with sewing has taught me to appreciate all those years of maths that I hated and has made me appreciate geometry from primary school and my Fine Art classes in secondary school.

In sketching class, we had to apply a technique I learned back then. Thank You to all my Art teachers. Their work has made so much easier for me over the years.
So that’s basically it about my sewing classes. By day two I was already done with my task for the week... whoop whoop. I’d do my best to keep you posted on my progress. I believe I’m going to have a swell time.
Do you see or have you ever had an interest in sewing? Do tell me about it and give me tips if you have some. Thank you.
See you in my next post

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