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August and I'm Excited 💃

Hey BnB Lovers, how are we? Doing great I hope. 

I’ve been well myself. Welcome to the month of August. I’m so excited, why? Because this month is the start of so many things and promises to be wonderful. 

The big news is Blushes nd Brushes is 2 today... my heart has been dancing all day. 

I’m so happy that we've made it this far. God alone has brought us thus far. For those of us following on here and on social media you will know that we are doing a giveaway to honour this and I honestly wish I could enter too cause the gifts are so lit. Anyhoo cheers to the upcoming winners. To join stay posted here or follow us on Instagram @blushesndbrushesng and Twitter @BnB_ng

I look forward to an amazing and productive 3rd year for us and I hope that you will be here with us along the way.

While I’m busy celebrating I just need to mention that my baby Oiza (you will get to know her soon) is starting something tomorrow which we should all look toward too. It’s going to be on Instagram and her handle is @Oiza_A and it called “Hey There Girl Child” it promises to be wonderful. So join the party.

Lastly, guess who’s enrolled in a sewing programme. Yaasss this girl right here did. I will however save the deets for later. 

Let me go throw a private party... See you soon. 

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