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Updates and well...

Hey BnB lovers, how are we doing?
Long time no post yeah? I’m back. This is an awfully short post just to say I’m alive and well and here.

So let me do a short hair update. My hair is a hot mess right now. I just abandoned it for a while and I don’t think the weather is  to favourable as I’m back home and it’s really cold. So I had to start my moisturising and sealing routine again. Plus I haven’t had a wash day in forever *covers face in shame*, Lord knows I’ve been busy. However that will soon be remedied. I think I’m gonna be trying out a new deep conditioner so watch out for a review soon. My hair has had some breakage though and I hope that doesn’t set me back too much.

On a much happier note I’ve experienced a lot of growth. My hair journey will be a year old sometime in September and before then I should do a length check and I should also do a trim to celebrate my anniversary. Since I’m back to texlaxing those relaxed ends have got to go.

On the final and happiest note, we’re turning two and doing a giveaway, yaay, plus were on instagram and twitter @blushesndbrushesng so do follow us on all social media and we’d keep you posted on everything. I’m super excited about the giveaway. I wish I could enter it myself.
Anywhoo, that’s all for today. See you soon. Muah.

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  1. Your hair :...(

    1. I know right but it seems to be doing great now that I'm back to my routine