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Hey wonderful you. What's up?
I just finished my final exams and I'm mega excited about almost anything really. I cannot believe that 5 years have flown by but let's save this gist for later.
Happy new month. It's June and I'm feeling like a lot of good stuff. So let's start this month on a great note...
I'm here today to talk about beads...

A colleague of mine is into the bead making business. I had been low-key admiring her work on instagram for a while now, wondering when I would make a purchase of one of those exquisite pieces. "one of these days" I always told myself.
Recently she released a new collection of beaded bracelets that looked so cool. Being one for bangles, bracelets and the like I fell in love instantly.

The pictures for the collection were beautiful and seeing all the different purchases that followed just kept me calculating when one will finally grace my wrists. Yes they are fine like that.
Fast forward to a business and success workshop I attended organised by Gleams movement, guess whose work was on display during the exhibition? Oh yes those beads. I went to her stand like 4 or 5 times God knows. Problem was I didn't actually come prepared to make any purchases. I think the Holy Spirit just responded to the desire of my heart and decided to put me out of my misery because a friend offered to get me one. So guess whose wrist now sports beads by queen?

I've been learning about branding and one thing I can say about this brand is that it packages nicely. I love love love the packaging. I mean, it comes in the cutest paper bag with your bracelet inside.

The bracelet itself comes in a decorated gold pouch and also inside the paper bag is a note to you from the C.E.O herself. How cute though. The note actually addresses you as 'your majesty'... like oh mi gosh...

Along with all that jazz, the customer service at her stand was quite great.

Plus you got to take a picture with the 'Just got my #beads by Queen" placard at the stand...
 talk about making a customer feel special at a conference... it was really nice.

However if you want to get your #beads by Queen you can hit them up on Instagram @beadsbyqueen... did I also mention they are quite affordable too...
Tell me when you've gotten yours.
See you in my next post.

When I am afraid I put my trust in you.
- Psalm 56:3

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