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Let's talk about loving yourself

I want to talk about a sensitive topic today and that's loving yourself. Specifically about loving your face and about going out bare-faced.

Personally, I don't wear makeup everyday and that's because I have school and I can't even stress "slaying" on an everyday basis.
Now I know some people that cannot go outside their homes/hostels without some form of makeup. Honestly, I don't care, do you girl! The problem resides in the reason behind the face beat. Do you feel as beautiful without makeup as you do with it on?

A male friend of mine recently told me that he dated a girl who could not let him see her without makeup. He didn't tell me why she acted that way but it reminded me that for a lot of people, makeup is a mask. They do not feel beautiful without it and so they slave daily to achieve the 'perfection' that they want the world to see. Now I understand that some people have spots, scarring, hyper pigmentation and other skin defects that makeup aids to conceal and even out. That's why I just hate when people leave mean comments under makeup transformation pictures on Instagram/Twitter because the woman had spots or a scar that the makeup artist covered up, talking about how makeup deceives or whatever. The same people laugh at women with hyper pigmentation asking what's wrong with their face(that's a rant for another day).

I have found that the best and most efficient way to love the image you see in the mirror when is to come to the realization that you are the God's image and He loves you so deeply. He even said everything He has created is beautiful so who am I to say otherwise.
Remind yourself of this everyday, and when the enemy tries to say otherwise, remind him that you are the only creature that is God's 4D image. Learn about God's love for you and see yourself through His eyes.

I hope I blessed someone with this piece. Leave comments for me please. See you in my next post. Xoxo

You are fearfully and wonderfully made
                                        - God

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