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Amongst other things...

Hey blog lovers... been a while. Oh yes I have excuses but pardon me will you?
I'm starting this segment called 'amongst other things which I plan intend on being a catch up segment of my blog where I would randomly rant about recent happenings in my life... its gonna be really random.

So amongst other things...
My hair journey has being going quite well. I've seen growth and significant improvement honestly. It's thicker and there's also improvement in the length. I am so happy ehn, I can't really put this into words. Someone told me recently that my hair is looking really good these days... like three times. I was thoroughly flattered.

I am currently reading 'Chicken Soup for the soul' by Jack Canfield and Victor Hansen (the 10th anniversary special edition). It's so cool.
I first discovered the Chicken Soup series sometime in secondary school and so far I have read about 4 different ones. I realised that not a lot of people in my broader circle know about this book series so let me try to tell you about it. It's a book series that complies stories from people across the globe on particular topics (you can send yours in too) and then puts them all in one book to encourage whoever is reading, for example there is 'Chicken Soup for the Mothers soul', 'Chicken Soup for the Sisters Soul' and others like the sailors soul, teachers soul, and the list goes on and on. I really want to read as many of them as I can find and possibly build a collection so feel free to gift me a Chicken Soup for the Soul any time. I'd greatly appreciate it. You should pick up a copy too.
I am currently working on my final year project. Who wants to help me? I would greatly welcome it. I love my topic by the way. I'd possibly brief on all the things I discover in this journey later when I am done.

I am presently learning how to manage my time better. Honestly one day I will effectively acquire this skill. Right now I try to achieve a thing or three every day. Thing is I always used to sit and wait for some form of motivation in order to get work done. Whatever was wrong with me? Ignorance is what. The thing is you can't wait for motivation to find you. Honey you have got to get up and motivate yourself cause no one is waiting around trying to hand you motivation. Get up and get going. Get out of bed. Get off your bum and get some work done.
I have realised that it helps to surround yourself with things that motivate you. For example if you are into beauty in general like I am then read blogs by beauty enthusiasts, watch makeup videos, that kind of thing. It really does help.
I am currently practicing the act of speaking positively. I was really discouraged about a few things in the last few weeks and I had to literally speak to my mind day in day out. It helped to listen to messages on discouragement and to speak to a few people about what was going on and have them pray for me. It is good to be surrounded by love. My mother loaded my phone with so many encouraging words. Times like this is when you realise that you have to constantly be rooted in the word of God because when the Devil wants to start speaking to your mind, it is what is in you that will answer back.  Best have the word of God at such times. It's purely miraculous.
That being said, I believe this is all I have right now.
See you in my next post.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
- Matthew 4:4

Disclaimer: this post is quite late cause a girl has been busy... so expect the next one ASAP 😊

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