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A lil Extra never hurt no one 😊

Hey BndB lovers (did you see how I just coined that out?)... how are we doing? Great yes?
I'm here with an outfit post for us all.

So a while back I had to make an outfit for a concert that I was part of  (have I mentioned that I do the singing thing too? No? Oh yeah well I do). The concert was organised by a music ministry I am part of called One Accord. The concert was AMAZING by the way...

About this outfit, I really wanted to do something unusual and as much as I want to claim this as an original idea I really can't. I saw a picture on instagram and loved what the lady was wearing so I told my tailor to make it. I honestly didn't realise the actual style until it was made.

When it got made I liked it at the shop before I went home but few days to the concert I had mixed feelings... everything works out for the good of those who love the lord and I do love the lord so guess what happened?

Before that day when people asked what  was going to be putting on for the concert  kept on saying it was an off-shoulder agbada. Honestly I still can't come up with another description for the top. That is what it is. I do think it's quite edgy to take the traditional agbada style which is totally slayed on its own and change something about it, especially something like making it off-shoulder, but hey it worked...

I decided to pair it with jeans, a head wrap and hoop earrings. I love the ankara material because the colours make it so versatile and allows many options. I however picked red on this day. So what do you think?

Top: Ankara Off-shoulder Agbada made by EB Couture. I got it made for about N2000 then (prices these days cannot be certain... sigh) minus the ankara cause I bought it separately.
Bottoms: old jeans I have had for a while
Shoes: gotten from my Aunt (bless her soul... they were all this outfit needed)
Head wrap: a favourite scarf of mine. Couldn't have gotten it for more than N300 in Jos market
Hoop earrings: bought from a jewellery hawker for N150 I believe

Safe to say this slay was on a solid budget... I just realised this.
Would you wear the off-shoulder agbada? How would you style it?

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labour or spin.
- Matthew6:28

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