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Review: Chloe's Gourmet Popcorn

Personally, I don't care for popcorn. I have never really understood the craze and fanfare over it, it always left me feeling parched and my throat scratchy. However, when something says 'gourmet' on it, I have to give it a try. It makes me feel exotic and posh, lol.
 Patsy and I got two different flavours to try out, I had the cinnamon maple honey corn and Patsy had the white chocolate red velvet corn. I liked the fact that the flavours were unique and definitely something I had never tried out before. The packaging is very pretty and convenient with a clear transparent front and pretty metallic back. The top of each packet also has a ziploc type thing to maintain the freshness of the product.

I loved this sentimental message at the back of each packet
I loved my packet of popcorn but honestly, I love cinnamon so much that I will love anything with cinnamon sprinkled over it. The addition of maple and honey added some extra sweetness and crunch that I was obssessed with. The entire packet was finished briefly after purchase *grin*

Patsy's packet was good too however, it didn't have as much crunch as mine and it was not as sweet (not a bad thing to me). I didn't really get the red velvet flavour from it and the white chocolate flavour wasn't as intense as well. It was a mild flavour profile generally, but it was not just any ordinary popcorn.

Overall, I preferred the cinnamon maple honey popcorn obviously, but Patsy loved hers so it is honestly about preference. This product is proudly Nigerian (yaay!) and can be purchased at any Chloe's cupcake heaven near you and other authorised supermarkets (check @chloesfoodanddiary on Instagram for their stockists).

Price: 800 naira (as at August 2016)
I am a food explorer, so please let me know what treats you want me to try and review or let me know your thoughts on these gourmet popcorns in the comment section,

See you in my next post. Xoxo

P.S I won the makeup maven competition. Thanks to everyone who supported me in any way, God bless.

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