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Brush Care 101: The Proper Way To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

I see so many ladies using makeup brushes for weeks,  months,  even years without washing them. Some people don't even know that you are meant to wash your brushes. That's why this post is so important.

You must care for your makeup brushes like you care for your own natural hair, unless you don't care for your natural hair then that's just unfortunate lol.

Anyways, what I mean is that you have to wash and condition your makeup brushes for hygiene and also to increase their durability. Plus,  you will not believe the rate at which bacteria multiplies on makeup brushes,  especially those used for liquid/cream cosmetics like foundations,  concealers, lipsticks. Dirty brushes can cause of increase the chances of breaking out, acne, etc.

So how do I wash my brushes? I use everyday items you probably already have. I mix a good portion of dish washing liquid and a little extra virgin olive oil. The dish washing liquid cleans the brushes and the olive oil conditions the brush bristles while also breaking the build up. Sometime I add a disinfectant too if the liquid soap is not antibacterial.

I run my brush under water and I dip it in the mix. Then I swipe the brush up and down my brush egg or palm to remove the dirt. Sometimes if the brush is really dirty, I will leave it for a short time while I wash my other brushes. Otherwise I rinse it out under running water until the water is clear and the brush bristles are free of soap.

That's the entire process honestly, very easy and efficient. I leave my brushes to air dry on a flat surface, usually overnight. P. S Never soak your makeup brushes, it weakens the glue holding the brush hairs together which leads to shedding.

I hope this post is helpful, if you tried it and liked it,  leave a comment for me below 😘

See you in my next post, Xoxo.

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  1. Wow..
    Thank you for this.. I do wash my makeup brushes, and hardly use it.