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Bright colours and Re-evaluation

Hey Honnays... January is over and I’ve got just one paper left to be done with the first part of my final exams... whoop whoop!!!

Looks like 2017 is here to stay ( like where was it going before abi?) While it looked the month dragged on for everyone it seemed to have flown by for me. By the 31st I was just like where did the month go to? I guess I was busy, or just absent minded...

Anyway I’m here with an outfit post today.
Capes have been trending for a while now. They came into style sometime 2015 and seem to have made it all the way to 2017. They were a major rave last year though. I myself love the trend and have indulged in it a couple of times.

 This particular Sunday I wore an ankara cape as part of a uniform with a group of people. I have to say I really liked it. Plus the way the cape was made allows it to be very versatile. You can wear it over your shoulders, or off your shoulders, and it would slay both ways. The uniform came out nicely.
The material print is beautiful yes?

Plus it was made by a creative lady I know. You could totally hit me up to get to her. Her work is really nice.
I  also made the wig I'm wearing all by myself... yaay me. You should totally let me make one for you... 😊
Anywho I was on naijahaircangrow some time last weekend, reading her birthday post (yaay she turned 30) and something stood out for me a little (the post had a lot of stuff worth thiking about). She mentioned something about really asking yourself why you go to church on Sunday. It has been a while I had honestly asked myself that question. I pondered upon it almost all of Saturday.  Why do I go to church these days?
You know many of us go to church for different reasons. For the excitement of seeing our friends. For whoever might be preaching that Sunday.  For the compliment we expect cause we know our outfit is slayed that day. For the praise and worship or choir ministration.  For the usual photo session before and after service so that instagram will not be disappointed this week. To assuage our guilt for that that bad thing we did during the week or to properly ask God for forgiveness. To mark attendance so that our church person status would remain intact, you know the brethren cannot hear that you like this did not come to church. So that you can be able to guilt that your roommate that refuses to go to church. For God to answer that prayer that is heavy on your heart. To find peace. To try to understand what this whole church thing is about. Because all your friends go and oh well, you just go to. To be able to defend the Christian that you have in your bio on social media. Because you gone to church every Sunday since you were little and it such a routine now it would just be somehow not to go. The list is endless...
Not that all the things I mentioned up there are bad but as a Christian have you ever truly asked yourself why you wake up every Sunday morning, and even weekdays for some of us, to go to church?  You know the bible tells us to fellowship with the saints... ever wonder why? Here’s a few reasons why I go to church:
Because I simply can’t do this Christianity on my own. It wasn’t made to function that way. As much as I need the trinity, I need other believers. God is a very relationship oriented being and he made me to function that way. I need to be surrounded by like minded people to keep me on track in my life. I need encouragement and testimonies of those who have gone before me and to do same for others.
I know that Christianity is much more than going to church and I can have my devotions on my bed and what not, but just like I can be a Christian without going to church, I can also be part of my family without visiting or calling anyone. What then is the point of family? I need to call on them sometime for help or something. Plus I simply like the sense of belonging. Church is family.
It’s a place of service and growth. I learn to serve in many new ways. It’s so easy to fall into a place of thinking the church ought to serve me and not vice versa but remembering that servanthood is deeply ingrained in my relationship with Christ takes me back to church. Plus growing around other believers just like myself. Remembering that non of us are perfect but hiding under the perfection of Christ. The different people I meet help me see life from various perspectives.
Because I’m just a member of a full body, can I now say I dont need the rest? I want to experience the gifts given to others and play my part so that we can all function as one body in Christ.
For instruction. To hear the word if God being taught to me over and one again. I need this.
I don’t know about you. But it was really refreshing for me to re-evaluate my reasons for going to church. To be honest, I forgot some of them, I even left out some here. The point is have a reason for going to church. Go to church purposefully, not as a matter of routine or any other thing that isn’t the main point of church.
How did this post now get so long ehn... sigh... it was totally not intentional. But really tell me what are your reasons for going to church?

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  1. I love ur write up giirl... well. I go to church for rhema. That's the major thing, every other thing stems from that. But I've realised it's very useful to have church going on Sunday as a routine cos that's what will push u even when u don't feel like it. And fellowship like u said is a core need of every person, and I feel that one can properly fellowship in this way by committing to a church and joining a service department in church. But I'm particularly careful about what church to commit to because in this world there are Satanist, gay and nudist churches loll and they don't always name themselves such. Again, I love your write up

  2. Thank you dear. Oh year I think the church you choose to be committed to is very important.we should always follow the leading of the spirit. Plus who doesn't love good rhea yea?

  3. Patsy love... You really blessed me with this post... You have no idea what you've done... Thank you my darling

    1. Thank you do much dear. I'm glad I did. Thank God

  4. You got me there, Patsy, with that "for the choir ministration." Thats how St. Albert's caught me o. Nice one.