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2017... well hello there πŸ™‹

I think I may get a gratitude journal this year. Last year I had a box where I dropped notes on things I was grateful for 

It’s 2017... I can literally do a back flip. I’m that excited to be in the new year.

Probably because 2016 was such an awesome year for me. A very busy one too. I would usually do a retrospect post for the past year but for some reason I didn’t do one for 2016. In truth I was exhausted.  The Christmas break turned out to be a lot more that I expected. To sum it all up in simple terms last year I got a personal experience of what it meant for God to hear the desires of your heart, cause he heard mine and showed once again he’s unending love for me. It’s really good to end the year on a great note and that made me really excited for a new year. So Hey 2017... I waited for you for a while now.
Just because I love my church and we wish you a happy new year

About the new year. I expect great things this year. In all aspects of my life. Did I set new goals for the year? Yes and in light of that you should totally check this post out here... I couldn’t have written it better. So if you don’t have goals for the year yet please set some. I have beauty goals oh.
I plan to keep on with my hair journey. In just about 3 months I’ve seen so much improvement.  I hope to have a better report come December this year.

I plan to get out of my comfort zone. Especially with my personal makeup. My lack of an adventurous side kind of got me in a rot. I was sticking to just one makeup technique. We need to stop this.

Also with the blog. Do expect new things.
I plan to try out as much new makeup as my budget will allow me.
I plan to stick to and improve on my skincare routine. There really has been improvement there.
I will set more goals and smash them as I go on. I hope I am able to duly carry you along.
About the other aspects of my life there are many many goals. I wouldn’t bore you with them but the aim is excellence.
Asides my regular devotionals I’m starting the year with a brand new 10 day devotional by a friend for single ladies. Single implies you're not married so i suggest you check it out. Download here. It's at the top left of the page.
Oh I forgot to mention I’m in my final year... no final year will not choke me. I will have fun. I will blog. I will wear makeup. I will be happy. All these and much more in Jesus name. Amen.
See you in my next post.

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