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Review: Rimmel Face and Body Luminizer in the shade "You Glow Girl"

Hey guys! I found liquid gold!😁
Actually, I found liquid gold like two years ago, lol. No, not crude oil, I am talking about the ultimate liquid illuminator!😜

check out that GLOW! 
As we all know, Christmas is in the air and t'is the season to glow!
Now I believe that liquid illuminators are the unsung heroes of the makeup industry, especially now that getting that healthy or blinding glow is so IN. Whenever you see that glowy or radiant skin on a celebrity or on a model walking the runway or in editorial shoots, odds are, a liquid illuminator was involved.

Today, I am sharing my absolute favorite illuminator for medium to deep skin tones.

This product comes in a pretty bronze small tube that contains 1 ounce of product, The top is a screw on cap. The colour of the product is depicted by the colour of the tube, so one does not have to open the tube to know what the shade of product is inside. On the tube, it says "Dare to Bare" with the shade name "400 You Glow Girl" written in silver on the front.
Natural light-no flash

The consistency of this product is liquid, it is quite watery so one has to be careful when opening it to avoid waste (I open it with the screw top facing upwards). The colour of the product is a gorgeous golden bronze that works on a wide range of skin tones. It is like liquid bronze wit golden sparkle in it, it is just STUNNING. 💕💕💕

with flash 
The colour pay-off of this product is out of this world. A pea sized amount is more than enough for that all over glow. When working in editorials where I want my model to have radiant skin that looks like it has been kissed by the makeup gods (lol, I kid), I mix this in with foundation, this gives a more subtle finish. When I want that blinding glow, I layer this product on top of the foundation to the places here I want to illuminate before I set the face with powder.

Beauty tip: Use your hands or a beauty lender to apply liquid illuminators, this gives a flawless finish and prevents a streaky look. Also, make sure you finish using products of the same consistency before using another type e.g use liquid foundation, councealer and luminizer before topping with powder products. This helps avoid seperation of product and cakiness. 💖

 Do I love this product? Yes. Do I want to bathe in it and be a glowy bronze goddess? Most likely. I totally recommend this to anyone and everyone, I mean, who does want to look like a disco ball this season? lol.

I purchased this product more than a year ago at Exclusive stores in Abuja, Nigeria for less than N3,000 which is just such a steal,

See you in my next post, xoxo.

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