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On school, hair, and the end of the year...

The year is fast coming to an end...
and Pasom Mokungah has been awol. Sincere apologies.  Somehow I’ve still not gotten a hold on planning my one million activities to the best efficiency. Summary being I’ve been so busy. I planned to have a less busy semester, I wonder who I was kidding honestly. I was busy weekend to weekend. Literally. And since I have school and other activities during the week life just happened. But I can do better. I will even.
So what’s been up...

If you follow either Sike or me on any social media you’d know we had a makeup class not so long ago. It was all shades of lit. We worked with other Muas ins Abuad and had lots of fun. It’s so cool how it’s possible to teach and learn at the same time cause I did that in great quantities that day. One of the things I love about makeup is how it’s so progressive. There’s always some new techniques or something to learn, that way it doesn’t ever get boring. Along with that I was very privileged to be part of a couple of awesome in – school programmes that were amazing... plus
It’s final year baibee 💃💃💃. This particular school year looked so far away. In fact final year of secondary school looked quite far talk more of final year in university. I knew 2017 will come but I thought it would take a lot longer. Maybe it did take that long but standing here now looking back at the years it seems time want by fast. Then again the past always looks like so. I’m even writing project already. I’m now a big girl 😁
On 2016... I need to dedicate a singular post to this but I feel like I may not have the words to express myself. It has been a more than eventful year. So much happened. But lemme save the gist.

On my hair journey... hmmmn it’s like I’m addicted to set backs but that code for I’m so used to our unhealthy way of styling hair in this Nigeria. Tight braids to be specific. I resumed school and did Ghana weaving in shuku and simultaneously said goodbye to my edges. Now I look semi bald in front. But asides that my hair journey is right on track. I’ve managed not to become a product junkie so far but the struggle is real I tell you. My hair is very healthy right now and acquiring length too. I relaxed my hair for the first time ever and it was not a terrible experience. My mum keeps gushing about the growth of my hair and we’re just three months in. Plus it feels much thicker now. I’m so happy cause I’ve inspired a few people around me to go on healthy hair journeys too. My cousin just big chopped and went natural too. Expect reviews on products soon.
On 2017... I’ve been in 2017 mode for like 2 months now. It’s good to have a great year. It pumps you up for the next and 2016 has been a great year....
How has your year been and what have you been up to?

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