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Common Law and Grace

First of all,  Merry Christmas guys!

 I am always so excited during this season because my mum allows me to serve people my culinary 'experiments' as part of Christmas lunch.

However, what I am most excited about is the vibes in the air. So much love being shared among people of all religions and backgrounds just to celebrate God's son's birth (yes,  it's not about Santa).
Ultimately,  the entire point of the season is God's unconditional love for which he sent his only son to die for all mankind.

A few years ago,  during a random law class concerning common Law and equity,  it struck me the similarities between the English legal system and Elohim's system. Let me explain.

So in England before,  a set of 'common' laws were polled together and enforced strictly upon the English people and all English colonies. These rules worked for awhile but it posed several problems since didn't evolve with the people and it was rigid. Also,  the entire point of the common law was to ensure justice and it was not doing that anymore,  it was dwelling on technicalities. So the King decided to set up courts of equity that will decide matters less strictly and according to good conscience. Equity mitigated common law. Stay with me.

So,  back to the Christmas story. You know,  under the old covenant,  man was ruled under the law. The law was strict and rigid but it worked,  for awhile. God's greatest desire was to have a full blown relationship with man and the law simply was not doing that. So the King decided,  he decided to send his son which will ensure an era of GRACE. In this 'court of grace' only unconditional love and mercy will be administered and the opportunity to communicate one on one with the Father will be given. So that was what the birth of Jesus did, it brought us God's grace. Grace mitigated the law.

I know it's random and alot of people won't even think about it, but I did. Common Law and equity,  the law and Grace.

So as we celebrate the birth of Christ today, let's remember that His birth brought us under the era of grace eternal and that we now have full access to God anytime anywhere.

Have a great day,  see you in my next post, Xoxo. Jesus loves you.

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  1. Nice one here.. It's actually similar if you take on a closer look. Merry Christmas

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  3. great post. happy Christmas...

    1. Thanks dear. Glad you liked it. Merry Christmas to you too

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much dear. Compliments of the season to you too

    2. Thanks so much dear. Compliments of the season to you too

  5. Thanks for His birth,now we enjoy grace,we now have direct access to our father and lots more. Thanks dear I love it,it's indeed loaded.

  6. Wonderful post my baby girl ! Merry Christmas to you too ������

  7. This could only be termed an "inspired piece " great job!