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Review: Sleek Candy Collecton Eyeshadow palette

Well hello there. I hope you have been well?
Today, I am gonna review an amazing palette in my collection. When I bought this eyeshadow palette, I only had my eyes on one colour (Pear drop) and when I created the look I had in mind, I just kind of abandoned it. Recently, I fell in love with the entire palette again because it has amazing pigmentation and the diverse colours contained therein.  

The general packaging is a sturdy matte black case with the sleek logo in front and the name of the palette and other information at the bottom of the back of the palette.

This palette contains 12 amazing eyeshadows with about 6 matte shades and 6 shimmery/satin shades. All these colours have great pigmentation and blend out so beautifully on the eyes. There is some fall out with the mattes but nothing alarming. The black (Liquorice) is especially dark for a relatively cheap brand which is impressive. The purples (Bon Bon, Flump and Parma Violet) might just be my favorite in the palette but the greens (Apple Sour and Pear Drop) are definitely a close second. I haven’t really played with the blues so I can’t say yet but I am sure I will love them too. Aniseed looks pink but it is truly a gold with peachy specks in it. Strawberry Sherbet might be my least favorite since I am not much of a pink person.

 I honestly can’t enough of this palette and I have created several gorgeous looks with it, both on myself and on clients and it is fast becoming a favorite. I will recommend this palette to anyone who just wants to play with colour and doesn’t wanna spend so much money. I got this palette on Amazon some years ago for less than $20 but I believe it should be available in Sleek Studio stores nationwide in Nigeria.

(wearing Flump and Parma Violet(crease), Apple Sour(lid), Cream Soda(inner corner) and Liquorice (add depth) on my eyes)

What sleek products have you tried? Did you love them? Leave a comment down below
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