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What's in my bag tag...

So I’ve always wanted to do this tag ever since I first came across it online probably a few years back. Somehow I never did, but hey its never too late yea?
So I’m totally an accessory person and bags make the list. Being a girly girl I wanted to carry my own hand bag as long as I remember. My mum will always say “as small as you are Pasom” but it never stopped me. Over the years it has become a habit and yes I’m the big bag/purse kinda girl.  I do carry sling bags when I’m just going to chill and all but I do carry a proper hand bag everywhere else. Presently my go to bag is a black tote bag my aunt gave me of which I revamped the hand. It’s not with me right now but I’d post a picture of it once I’m back to school. It’s nothing fancy. I just love the convinience.
So I tend to carry a lot of things in my bag. Even very unnecessary stuff but I do however have my all time staples and they include:

Tissue Paper and/or a hand towel or handkerchief. It’s simply a must. I remember a day when I was a teen one of our church aunties came around asking who had tissue on them and only I did so she told everyone I was such a lady. I knew I always had to have tissue on me after that day. Truth is you never know when you’d bee to clean something or dab your face or when someone would be in need. It’s always just handy.
Funfact- when I was in secondary school some girls used to iron tissue back then. It a thing to do so your tissue would look extra neat and you’d be termed fresh. Lol. Smh for us.
Pens. That’s if I don’t have pencil and eraser on top. I used to like to sketch once upon a time and student life has taught me to always keep a pen handy. Plus I’m a note taking person. I’m always jotting random stuff that comes to mind or I see somewhere. I always need a pen.
Notebook. This goes with the pen issue. I must have something to write all my little notes in. So I always have one if these. I even have various notebooks for different purposes. I carry them accordingly.
A novel or inspirational book. Asides the fact that I am an avid reader who is old at heart and prefers the feel of paper any day to a touch screen, I always have a novel for when an outing goes sour. For example if I get there before the person and u have to wait or stuff like that. It’s known to be a great saving grace for me.
My phone and earpiece. That is if they both aren’t connected to my body at the particular time. As much as I love the feel of paper, it fails to have access to the blogs I follow or Google.  So yes I spend a lot of time on my phone. Social networking too but mostly you can be sure that I’m reading up something online. I’m also known to listen to music a lot. Earpiece is the bae all my friends hate for zoning them out. One of these days I will repent trust me. I’m even already half way there.
Nail cutter and nail file. I do not joke with my nails. I am a nail lover and I pay good attention to them. I would be able to think of little else of my nail chips in public. I need these two to keep my sanity. They are essentials.
Funfact: there existed a period during which I carried my current nail polish in my bag incase it chipped during the day. I’d quickly sneak a coat or two to the chipped area. I have been redeemed thank God.
My purse. This is a can't do without. My cards, cash, receipts, sometimes phone and pen stay in here. If my purse gets missing, omo. God is on the throne. When I have to run short errands this is what goes with me. It goes everywhere with me. No jokes.
Sanitizer. I don’t actually make use of this item. Don’t judge me. I wash my hands a lot. But really I never even had one till the whole Ebola virus issue and since then it’s always just stayed in my bag. Sometimes I just pop it open and use for the fulfilment of prophesy you know. I should invest in using this though.
Keys. I really don’t always use this. It’s just so I don’t loose track of where I kept them. So they stay in my bag all year through.
My tiny elf brush set. I don’t use this either. I hardly ever touch up my makeup.  I eat very conscious of my makeup so I hardly ever have to touch up lipstick even. So this is just for carrying sake.
Glasses. I absolutely hate to wear these and I hate to not have them on me. So we kinda have a love hate relationship. I mean who knows when I’m gonna have to use my eyes in HD?  I’m really getting tired of squinting though so you can find me with these a lot of recent. We will soon upgrade to contacts don’t worry.
Fan. If you school in Ado-ekiti with me you will understand that this has become a prosthetic arm to me. I dare not leave my fan in hostel. I will have tiny panic attacks in my head about how I will cope that day. In fact I may just go back to hostel once I get the chance. As much as home for me is cold. It still stays put in my bag for fear of loosing it or forgetting it come resumption. I have to buy a new one or more come the next semester.
Sweet/gum. Fresh breath is key. Plus who knows when you’d have to make friends with a kid?
Tiny vial of perfume. A girl has got to come off smelling like flowers you know. Just in case it was a rush morning. My mum always seems to have an endless supply of these so I'm totally in luck.

  • Lipstick/gloss. This is a recent addition. I simply carry whatsoever lip combination I have on that day with me. Just incase. I may never use them but like I said, just incase. 

I think that’s about it. I do tend to carry a heavy bag around,  I think ive developed strong arm muscles... lol. So what’s in your bag? Any interesting items?

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