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Review: Colourpop Kaepop highlighter in Glo up

Hey guys!
I know I haven't blogged in a while, I have been having some major writer's block and I have also been so busy. Please forgive me? 
Anyways, this post is long overdue so I will just get down to it. 

Colourpop cosmetics did a collab with the singer Karrueche and the collection is called "Kaepop" which is such a cute name. The collection has several lip products and also bronzers,  eyeshadows, blushes and one highlighter i believe.

For packaging, I always give this brand a thumps up. This highlighter comes in a cute white package with gold details and lettering. It also has this cute note that says “Keep the magic in” lol. The packaging is quite sturdy and sleek as well.

Now, the texture of this product was definitely not something I understood at first. The highlighter is not so much of a powder or a liquid, it’s like a mousse. I found that when I used a fan brush (which I usually use to achieve za glow), the colour pay off was subtle and almost non-existent and when you press your finger into the product, it gets indented. The best way I got great pigmentation was when I used my finger to blend the product to the places I wanted to highlight or with a small fluffy blending brush.

The pigmentation of this product is off the charts on the right skin tone. This highlighter is so brown girl friendly as it is more bronze than golden. I originally bought it for myself but it barely shows on my face because I am quite yellow, lol, it does suit Patsy's chocolate skin tone beautifully so I think anyone slightly darker than me can greatly benefit from it.

Generally, I love this highlighter for my kit to be used on my chocolate beauties. I will definitely recommend it as an everyday highlight when used sparingly and as a bomb highlight when used more heavily. Either ways, it looks so gorgeous on dark skintones.

I got this highlighter from @thebeautyslotng on instagram for about 3800 naira some months ago but it might have increased now because 
I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any brown girl friendly highlighters? Leave a cooment down below.
See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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