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Hair Update...

Hey lovers... so I hope you read my last post on hair goals here.
So this is my first update.
To cut a long story short my Summer has not in a lot of ways, gone as I had it planned. So far I have no regrets. But one of the outcomes of this is the fact that my hair plans got jacked up too. For someone who is very dependent on routines it just threw me off completely. Anywho due to lack of planning I ended up carrying my braids longer than needed. Actually that’s not completely true. The braids were actually really nice. I was in love with them so I partly didn’t want to take them off.

The problem is in all that I didn’t plan my next option for particular reasons.
Well I’ve finally taken the braids out. Thank God, but because of how long I left them in by the time I took them out there was a whole lot of detangling to be done at the Base of my hair. Thank God for my Elder sister cause if not for her I would have lost way more hair than I did. Yet I still lost a whole lot of hair.

On top of that I did my first trim ever. No jokes. I’ve always wanted to get my hair trimmed but as I have severe trust issues with nigerian saloonists I never got around to doing it. But my sister helped me take out my split ends which were a lot by the way. In all I lost about an inch and a half of hair via trimming. Which leaves me here right now.

As much as I know my hair needs severe deep conditioning and all of that all my stuff isn’t here so we’d have to wait a while. All I am thinking of right now is the nearest protective style I can lay my hands on.
If I have learnt one thing so far it’s to always find a way to travel with my hair stuff. Or a sure way to improvise.
Ideas on a protective style I could do?

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  1. I need a trim badly. Maybe you should just braid your hair back and wear a wig like I have been doing for almost a month lol.