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Happy birthday NKASIKE 🌟😍❤❤💘💪

Nkasike Ghana Istifanus... about 2 months ago made it 10 years since I met her. I still remember sitting in my mum’s car seeing her walk to the administrative block in our secondary school. After that it became memory after memory.

 I remember her in J1 and J2. I remember her always staying on my bed and me gisting her about all that was up in my lil pre-teen life. I remember her accusing me of saying blah blah blah and cutting out much of the gist I was meant to be dropping. Lol...

Then we grew apart and she left to a different school and I didn’t give it a second thought. I never thought we’d meet again but then we did.

See one of the things I love about Sike is that you could not be in touch with her for 50 years and when you meet her it’s like all of that space blends away.

She makes catching up so easy. I’ve seen her do it to people and I’ve experienced her do it with me. She’s so easy to talk to and she’s quite an open soul.

I’m always wishing I had that ability to make people comfortable that she does but watching her have it at least makes me happy.

She’s so real. I remember her coming over for my sister’s grad and just blending into everything. I promise you I become a whole other person around her. She has this particular button of mine that no one else seems to have.

She was in the room that day and some of my friends saw a me that just stays quiet till Sike is around. Yes being around her has taught me so much about myself. Both bad and good. She’s herself everywhere. What you see is quite much what you get with her. There are no two Sikes, hardly a hidden personality. Like I said she’s real.

She’s passionate. I’ve seen sike give herself to very few things with her whole heart but when she does she simply does. She’s going to find out about it, she’s going to learn it, she’s not waiting for you. She’d make a move on her own in her own way.

She’s an amazing friend. It’s easy to be her friend for eons. She’s easy. She cares in her own special way. She’d go the extra mile for you as long as she can.

She has a beautiful heart.
She inspires me. No jokes. I’ve learnt a thing or fifty from her. She pushes me out of my comfort zone. Especially in places where we work together.

She encourages me. See ehn I remember times when it was this humans words that put me together and kept me going. I know God gave her what to say to me at the time.
She’s a great movie buddy.

She has the kinda smile that warms your heart. You’re just going to smile too. Even her fake smile is cool.

She’s family. I don’t even know how to explain this in depth.
Ten years of friendship means I’ve had so much opportunity to watch her grow and it’s been quite beautiful. It’s been a privilege to be part of her life. She means so much to me. I’m typing this and I know I’m barely scratching the surface where she is concerned. I love her. I’m utterly blessed to have her in my life. I look foward to greater things with her.

I’m going to stop here... But HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL. 20 is but the edge of glory for you.
You Are Simply Amazing...

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