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NMM REVIEW; Island Beauty Lipsticks

*comes out of ghost mode* hello you...  how are you? Been a lil more than 2 days yes? I humbly apologise. Life to a hold of me for a while now but I'm back and yes I have missed you too. 

So how can u better start of if not with a product review... of a classic? Yes a classic makeup item. Remember how I said I was gonna be doing posts about Nigerian Market Makeup (NMM)? This is a review of one of the veterans of these; The beauty Island lipsticks. Trust me you know them, maybe you just don't know the name. If you haven't used any your mother and grandma probably have i tell you. Remember how I said one of the features of NMM is that they a majorly 'limited edition' and dissappear almost as fast as they appear? But these ones ehn... they have stayed and they are not about to go anywhere trust me.

They come in white cylindrical tubes that have gold reed-like lines (mine wouldn't have these you see cause they are that old and have faded off) on them and are quite pretty. They also come in a variety of colours including pinks, black, purples and reds.

I can't really eplain the scent they have but I'm not generally a fan of it.
The color payoff is quite good. I would say it isn't overly pigmented, you would have to go over it a couple of times but it gets the job done, so it's not translucent either.
The price is the real catch. If anyone ever sells these lipsticks to you at any price beyond N50, they are just cheating you. No jokes. 

So yes I still have island beauty lipstick
I mean how can I not have a classic...
By the way who knows that green magic lipstick mummy used to have?
Watch out for my next NMM review. Ttyl huns

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  1. Omg! I used to love these lipsticks those past years.
    Great post.