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#FoodAdventure Mico's House of Chicken and Waffles

Hey guys!  Hope your summer is off to a great start?  So I am going to have some of my friends guest blog on the restuarants we visit together,  just to add to the fun.  The first is my gorgeous Yoruba goddess,  Dami.  Below is her review on Mico's.

Hello fellow foodies! I’m Damilola Olukeye and like I said, I'm a foodie!!! I love art. I believe art can take very many forms and God has given people many gifts with which to express themselves. Music, Painting, Sculpture, Drama, Dance, Architecture, Drawing, Fashion Design and  so many others are ways through which people can express themselves. Part of my profound respect for art in all forms is food

. People may be tempted to think that a foodie is merely someone who loves to consume large amounts of food. However, I challenge you to open up your minds to the possibility that food is more than just fuel for the body or a means to satisfy our desires . Food is a medium of expression. A vehicle through which talent can be expressed. The intricacies that go into food cannot be regarded as being channelled towards merely satisfying hunger and keeping us alive. So, in the spirit of being a true foodie, I tried a quaint little restaurant called Mico's House of Chicken and Waffles and I’m sharing my experience and my opinion with you if you will have it.

 So I’m going to be tackling this task from different aspects; taste, service, facilities & ambience and location. I’ll start with location and work my way through. So, location. Mico's is located in a plaza on Aminu Kano Crescent opposite Mr Biggs in Wuse 2. It’s very easy to find for virtually anyone, whether resident in Abuja or not. So big ups for location.
The facilities were honestly not so amazing. Although I did not visit the restroom myself, one of my companions did and she testified that it was quite small which would obviously make it very uncomfortable. The restaurant itself was nicely styled and in my opinion, had a cosy feel to it. Though it could be considered small, I appreciated the general feel of intimacy that the restaurant had.

The service at Mico's was the least impressive thing about the restaurant. Though our waiter was polite and respectful, our food took far longer to arrive than the estimate given to us by the waiter. One of us even cracked a joke about getting a snack before coming back on another occasion. Also, for some reason, quite a few things were apparently not available at the restaurant but were on the menu. This was also a drawback for us. On the plus side, the restaurant is quite affordable, offering most dishes at a very affordable price.
Finally, the good stuff, taste. So we tried several elements from the menu. I had the Chicken Waffle Burger, one of my friends had the chicken waffle which the other had the Jambalaya pasta. I had the opportunity to taste all three dishes. The waffles were generally quite nice and fluffy but I found the chicken in the chicken waffle to be a tad difficult to handle. (Sike's edit: the chicken in the waffle had bones in it which made it impossible to eat in a civilized manner,  I would suggest that they use boneless chicken in the waffle). My burger was also difficult to handle as it seemed like the waffle couldn’t truly handle the responsibilities of being a burger bun. The taste of the burger however, was quite satisfying and I’d give it a 6 out of ten. The Jambalaya was nice but not the most amazing that I’ve had so I’d give it a 4.5 out of ten. The Chicken waffle may have the best score simply for its simplicity and lack of what we would call "serenre".So it gets a 6.5 out of ten.
Overall, Mico's was an affordable, enjoyable restaurant despite its drawbacks. So I’d give it a 5.5 out of ten.
I hope you’ve found my review useful... I had a marvellous time writing it and I hope you will find it interesting to read. Thanks you. Till next time. 💙

Find Dami on ig @tutu_no2
See you in my next post.  Xoxo

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