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#FoodAdventure Barkono Grill

Hello guys!  So summer for me has officially started because I have started splurging on food.  Lol.  So this restaurant wasn’t even on my list of places to visit first but it happened and it was such an amazing experience. So I am going to try and discuss this restaurant under several headings to keep it short.  These are;  location, ambience,  staff and of course the FOOD!

Location: Barkono grill is located on the ground floor of Abiding grace plaza on the Apo-Gudu road,  right besides Chloe’s cupcake heaven (gist on my experience there will be uploaded soon).  It’s right by the road so it’s not hard to miss and I like that.

Ambience: the mood and vibe in the restaurant was very modern and informative.  Different pictures of food,  cuts of meat,  cocktails, and spices punctuated the walls all around the small restaurant.  The exposed wood and red coloured items around just appealed to me.  And let’s take our time to admire the gorgeous centre piece that was a kiln fired mud house 😻😻

Staff:  So there was only one server but the place is pretty small so it wasn’t a problem.  She was super nice and swift to give us menus and take our orders.  The order did take like 20 minutes to come but our drinks and conversation kept us company for that time.

The FOOD: now to the good stuff! Okay,  a couple of days prior the day this lunch happened, I had the Barkono grill wings.  They were so DELICIOUS!  So I got 12 pieces which I shared with 2 friends.  I got 6 barbecue wings and 6 sweet lemon wings for the wonderful price of 2000 plus 200 for takeaway packs. They were both so tasty and I especially loved the flavour of rosemary in the sweet lemon sauce.

So for lunch I had Paella which is basically Spanish style rice with shrimp,  scallops,  calamari,  beef and chicken with vegetables. Honestly, I simply ordered this because I cook Paella in a cooking game on my iPad *covers face* However,  it was very tasty, basically Spanish Jollof rice lol.  No distinct flavours and I don’t think I had calamari(octopus) or scallops in my meal. My drink however was another story.  I got a virgin Mojito  which had ginger beer,  honey,  mint and bitters.  It was so refreshing and absolutely delicious.  Best mocktail.  Ever.  Cost for food:2800, drink: 1200. Total:4000 Naira

Patsy’s take on her Creamy Garlic chicken spaghetti with Garlic bread and Spicy Raspberry cooler: Well the meal was spaghetti and anyone who knows me knows I'd pick spaghetti on any menu any day anytime. I was so excited to to try this out. When it came it didn't look like the regular nigerian spaghetti. It was doused in white cream. The last time I tried non nigerian looking spaghetti I didn't like it at all. So for a second there I was skeptical, and then the aroma hit me. All that precious smelling garlic. I couldn't wait to taste it and when I did... no regrets. It was good. The pasta was amazing. Done just right. Not overly done or under cooked either. I wish I could ask what brand they buy. The taste was quite lovely. Nothing was particularly overpowering just all blending into some pretty rhythm in my mouth. I'm not one to really pick out individual flavours but all together it was delicious.
The downside was mostly the fact that although the pasta was moist I expected a lil more moisture because they called it creamy. Also the meal was said to come with garlic bread but I believe what I saw on my plate were crutons really. Asides that all was good.
For my drink I was really intrigued by the fact that it had honey, raspberry, ginger, and pepper in it. Like pepper? Oh wow. I almost wished I got Sikes drink after tasting hers but oh no when I sipped mine. It was like woah... it actually worked. The sweetness of the honey hit me first and then the ginger and finally the pepper all mixed in there with raspberry. So yes sweet and spicy. I loved it a whole lot. You should really try this. The food presentation was quite great too. Overall I had an actually great meal. Cost for food: 1500, drink:1200. Total:3700 Naira

Dami’s take on her Barbecue Lamb ribs with French Fries: Hi everyone. So I’m back to review my meal from Barkano grill. I had the barbecued lamb ribs. Although my order was the last to arrive, I would say it was worth it. I must commend the restaurant  for their barbecue sauce/glaze. It was absolutely  delicious. Though theories and glaze were mouth watering,  I must confess that the lamb ribs turned out to be more like lamb chops. The impression  I had was that I would have ribs which were in form of a slab. This was however a fair deal for the price I paid. Also, the meat was not as tender as I expected. I’ve had lamb several times before and I believe it could have been more tender than it was. I also had coleslaw with my meal which was perfect. The dressing was creamy and light and did not overpower the crunch of the coleslaw itself. It was also spiced with black pepper which also helped to cut any potential heaviness from the dressing. Rosemary, honey and pepper were the prevalent flavours and were adequately balanced. All in all a satisfying meal.

Toyosi’s review of her Beef burger off the grill and Virgin pineapple daquiri: I initially order the chicken burger of the grill but I was disappointed to hear it was unavailable. So I opted for the beef burger off the grill. The size was considerably large for the price, I couldn't even finish mine. The beef patty was grilled nicely. There were a lot of onions inside and green peppers with little or no cream but it tasted really good overall. The burger also came with a side of fries. The fries tasted really good and the size was okay as well. I had to pick out some peppers from my burger because it was too spicy.  The virgin pineapple daiquiri tasted good too but It was a bit too pulpy for me.

Ibrahim’s review of his Beef Burger off the grill and Summer’s delight: In as much as I was disappointed that they didn’t have my initial order of Chicken burger off the grill, the beef burger was pretty delicious and filling. It came with a portion of potatoes in the side which made the meal even better. The waiters didn’t keep long on the order and it was overall a satisfying experience. The drink was a combination of bananas,  pineapple,  yoghurt and coconut with a slice of lettuce/cucumber as a garnish (lol,  I don’t know the difference) Sike’s edit: SMH Ibrahim. The size wasn’t that large but it tasted good and it was refreshing.  Also,  it wasn’t too sweet,  the sugar level was just right for me.

Thanks for reading this long post.  I really wanted to give an in depth and personal review of everything we ate at Barkano.  It is temporally closed for renovation until 1st August 2016.

See you in my next post.  Xoxo.
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