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Food Adventures #Summer2016

Unknown to A lot of people is the fact that I am a foodie. I don’t just like food, I love food! And I mean that in an aesthetic way. I love when food looks elegant, polished, inviting, it’s a sensual thing lol. If you ever meet me personally and we talk about food and I start raving about textures and flavours and fusions, pardon me, I am just enthusiastic about good food. Not plain jollof rice or swallow or even fried plantain, I am talking about good food that is created to give you an experience. So that’s why I am embarking on a food adventure this summer, I have a few restaurants in Abuja I am eager to try out and probably review. I am uber excited about it. I wonder if anyone else wants to join me or even embark on their own food adventures wherever they are. Below are a few places off my list that I hope to visit

Vanilla Abuja: I have been stalking their page for more than a year now and I think it’s high time I finally go there to eat. They have a fabulous Sunday brunch buffet that I wanna try out. I think I once saw Mongolian BBQ on the brunch menu, or was it Moroccan? I will find out

Chloe’s cupcake heaven: I know! It’s sad that I haven’t been to this amazing place which is weird because I drive by one of their branches almost weekly. Anyways, this is the summer that I shall have a bite of that red velvet cookies that I have heard so much about! I definitely have to try their gourmet popcorn and ice-cream too

Red Dish Chronicles food truck: Yaaas Boo! A food truck! I have been following Chef Stone and the progress of his culinary school since he only had his Lagos branch and I used to beg him to open a school in Abuja so I could attend. Anyways, there is a branch in Abuja now and I still haven’t attended (lol, still trying to bag this LL. B) . Good news however is that they sometimes have a food truck pop up somewhere in Abuja at random times and if it happens again this July, I will be the first in line grinning from chin to chin waiting to taste the awesomeness he and Chef Zeelicious create.

 5 star cravings: I have a sweet tooth! Like a serious one that I am very surprised that I don’t have cavities. And I cannot wait to satisfy my cravings with a box of cake pops delivered to my doorstep by the wonderful hands behind this sweet treats business.

 Waffle stop Abuja: by now you should know that I have a thing for waffles. Waffles are just pancakes that decided to out in the extra effort and look prettier and you know I love me some pancakes! So to have waffles with syrup and a variety of toppings ranging from milk chocolate to caramelized apples delivered to me wherever I am is simply something I have to do!

 Q Café Abuja: this is my newest find off of @abujaeats. Now I am a sucker for good packaging and these people have it in a bag! I don’t even think I can eat in the restaurant just because I want that beautiful black and white striped box that says “The Quarter” They have gourmet burgers and an OREO AND WHITE CHOCOLATE pancake *faints*
So that's my list.  Any more places you want me to add?  Leave a comment down below!  And watch out for the Abuja Summer BBQ fest 
See you in my next post.  Xoxo. 
Cultivate inner beauty, the gracious and gentle kind that God delights in. 
1 Peter 3:4 

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  1. I need to come over to abj mehn! Been craving chef stone