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Going nude…

Well hello there, I know the name of this post has intrigued you, hehe. Anyways, as you guessed it, I am on a full blown nude frenzy. That’s with lipsticks anyways, as in nude lipsticks; get your mind outta that gutter.

So lately, I can’t even purchase a lipstick that is not somehow nude, everyone has noticed, it is a current obsession. I then decided to share my nude collection with you in parts. It’s going to consist of lip swatches, comparisons and just good ole hand swatches.

First two lipsticks I am going to be showing off are Colourpop cosmetics Ultra matte lipcolour in “Beeper” and Gerard Cosmetics matte lipstick in “1995”.

(1995 is on the left half of my lip, Beeper is on the right half) 

I first saw Beeper on JackieAina’s youtube channel and it looked so flawless and gorgeous that I knew I had to get it. Fast forward almost a year later, during my vacation in Warri, I bought this lipstick from my friend Belladivaswarri who is a reseller for (check her out on instagram). So this lipstick has been described as a “warm mid-tone taupe”. In my opinion, that description pretty much suits it, it also has strong mauve undertones.

First time I ever heard of the company Gerard Cosmetics was from MannyMua on Youtube (one of my faves!) so I purchased 1995 off of their site They even provide free worldwide shipping, yaay! Anyways I am obsessed with this shade as it is a perfect nude for such a huge range of skintones (it also fits Patsy perfectly). It is a flesh tone taupe with pink/peach undertones, I just love this shade.

So that’s it for now, will have the second part of this series up in a short while. Thanks for reading. See you in my next post! Xoxo 

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