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Review: NYX matte lipsticks in Bloody Mary and Shocking Pink

Hello beautiful
Ok, I’ll try to give an in-depth review of these gorgeous lipsticks. This was one of my first online purchases off Amazon and I saw them on Tymetheinfamous’ YouTube channel when she was showing off her lipstick collection a few years ago.

I absolutely adore these lipsticks. The packaging is great and sturdy, I have had these for almost two years and they haven’t broken or anything (they have been through A LOT). You can see the name of the brand and the texture formula which is matte. The names are written underneath the lipstick tube and I love that you can see the lipstick colour through the tube. Both lipsticks are extremely moisturizing and have a slight sheen despite the claim that they are matte. They have no scent
(Forgive my nail polish; I am in dire need of a manicure)

Okay now let me discuss the colors 

Bloody Mary looks red in the tube but comes off as a more pink-red shade. I am absolutely in love with this lipstick. It is a cool cranberry red shade that could also look fuchsia. It is a very versatile shade that looks gorgeous on a lot of skin tones. 

Shocking Pink; well there can’t be a better name for this vibrant almost neon-pink. I got this because several people claim it is a dupe for MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, I don’t know how true that claim is since I don’t have it for comparison. However, I love this lipstick because it’s bold and can be tweaked to fit any skin tone. Because of its purple tinge, when lined with a purple liner, darker skin tones can use it and lighter skin tones can also make it work. 

Overall, I am gonna purchase more of these lipsticks and I love everything I have from this brand.
I give these products five lipsticks!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Did you like them? What drugstore dupes do you know? Kindly comment down below.

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But on God’s mercy.
Romans 9:16

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