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Hello beautiful people,

I wouldn’t usually do this. Why? Because I am nowhere close to whom I want to be spiritually. However, sometimes there is so much awesomeness in the Word that I just have to share.

So in church today we discussed the above topic, and when the pastor cited John 11:35, I actually rolled my eyes. In my mind, I was like” who doesn’t know the story of Lazarus and how Jesus wept?” but at the end of the service, my mind was blown!

First I will try to summarize the preceding events before Jesus wept. John 11 from verses 1-34 explains the circumstances surrounding the death of Lazarus. Jesus was told that his friend Lazarus was sick but he waited two more days after which Lazarus died. Verse 17 describes his arrival to Bethany, four days after Lazarus was laid in the tomb. When Martha and Mary arrived, they both told Jesus that if he had arrived earlier, their brother would not have died.

Let me offer a little insight on this situation.
From my reading of the scriptures, these siblings are one of the few people that were called Jesus’ friends. He had disciples, followers, groupies too I am sure, but only a select few were called “friends”. We all trust our friends. We expect them to believe us above all other people; we expect more from them because we are “friends”.

Now I would imagine how our Saviour felt when his friends who he spent time with, who sat at his feet listening to his teachings, who cleaned his feet with expensive perfume doubted his words. They had seen him heal the sick and cast out demons. Why didn’t they simply believe when He said He was the Resurrection and the Life and no one who believed in him will ever die?

And he wept at their unbelief.

See, I learnt three things today. First, unbelief causes God to be deeply moved in spirit and troubled. He wonders why we do not simply believe, like toddlers, like “fools”. The world may see us as weak but they don’t understand how much strength it takes to believe in someone you cannot see, cannot touch. We do not live by feelings, we live by faith!

Secondly, Jesus wept so that you never weep again. He died so that we can live forever. He was imprisoned so we can be free. He went through everything negative on our behalf, so we can come out triumphant at the other side.

And lastly, He cannot act if we do not believe. He can cry with us during our tribulations; His tears for our unbelief and ours for His inaction. We should simply step aside and trust in Him blindly so He can do His work.

So that was my Sunday. I have some spiritual tit-bits to write so watch this space. Have a blessed week.


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

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  2. I'm so proud of you and I completely agree with you. More Grace dear. #Word

    1. Would you believe that I am just seeing this Dami, lol. Thanks for the support babe