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Okay it's a very small haul and of course its greatly overdue so here goes... oh I hope y'all missed me too???, I missed you so much I forgot to say hi...

Errm... except if I am home I hardly do purchase makeup by myself, I mean Sike still lives and breathes so therefore why stress myself right?. The girl loves to shop online, I on the other hand love to shop in stores, I dearly hope I am not the only survivor of this rare specie of humans in our generation. So anyhow, I got a couple of things which includes;

  1. The LA girl gel liner in very black
  2. The Duo eyelash adhesive
  3. The BH cosmetics 10 colour camouflage concealer palette and
  4. The LA girl glazed lip paint in coy.
It would interest you to know that before this purchase I had never used gel liner before.
I mean everyone around me did but I was so comfortable with my liquid liner I just never tried... until now. Also I badly needed a new concealer palette. The one I had previously was just bleh cause it didn't fit will with WOC (women of colour) and guess what I look like and what country I reside in?, so yea that had to go...

Well I hope you follow up for my review posts on each of these. It should come up next... see you soon

My strength is made perfect in weakness
- 2 Corinthians 12:9

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