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Hey beauty lovers out there... so about them reviews I'm going to be doing on here i have something new for you all that I hope we will all fall in love with. 

So we all love our high end makeup brands and their drugstore dupes and all of that which we are forever wanting to get our hands on like all the time but being a human that genuinely loves going to the market (I should definitely do a post about this though), I cannot help but take good notice of all the makeup products sold in our Nigerian markets. It is very true that a lot of these products are of very low quality and don't last and all that but I have had the chance to come across a select few that have actually impressed me to a good extent. Plus there are also our time old ones that are forever favourites right from our mothers time. So about this trend... I'm going to start doing reviews on what i choose to simply call Nigerian Market Makeup (NMM). Yasss boo amma be blogging about stuff I buy on the streets of Nigeria which are made by our able Abba brothers (mostly), alongside my other reviews. Now to launch this particular trend there are some stuff you would firstly need to note about NMM, and these include;

· They are mega cheap: you would not believe how cheap these things get. Like compared to how much we spend on normal makeup these usually just blow my mind... and make me happy cause I'm literally spending nothing on them. So for us whole like to pet our purses and the like, you may find
some good stuff here.

· They disappear: this is no joke, they are in the market now and the next time you come in a few weeks they are all gone. Never to be seen again. I think it's safe to say that most of them are limited edition yea?... lol... but you can never trust that if you come back in a while they would still be there. But hey there are exceptions to this rule, which brings us to our next point.

· There are the faithful ones: with as many of them disappear, there are those ones that are here to stay for eons to come. I mean who doesnt know the island beauty lipsticks (i just found out thier name about a year ago after seeing them my whole life), you know, those white lil ones with the different colours or those magic lipsticks that are green inside but somehow become red when mummy put them on her lips. Plus there are also the select few that stay for a while before the disappear totally.

· They move: literally move, like they could be in one market this month and are gone the next but yet can be found in another market, or even more; another state. I guess this is due to the producers lack of ability to market effectively or something.

· Beware: if it has a popular brand name on it and comes for so cheap a price, it is 100% fake. There are no exceptions to this rule. There are just some stuff you would much rather buy from our overseas brothers to help yourself.

· Do not fear: so far I am yet to hear of any that caused physical harm like general widespread irritation or anything like that. They are usually always safe. Which makes me wonder why our abba brothers will not just respect themselves and create quality stuff and save us the stress abi?

· They follow actual trends: so if you notice liquid lipsticks trending in fashion, you can trust that our brothers will not waste time, they shall also adorn or market streets soon enough.

· They actually create dupes: and when I say dupes I do mean duplicates in as close to the real sense of the word as can be. These people can copy a makeup brand down to the letter and then vary just one thing like maybe the name, or just one letter in the name sef. L0l, they have zero chill like that. It amazes me anytime I come across one.

· They exist everywhere: honestly they are all around you. Being hawked by malos and in kiosks and small shops. On the roadside and in that store by your junction. You can just find them everywhere. 

Well these are the few facts i have about NMM for now. I might possibly hit you up with some more soon. I hope you fall in love and follow up this trend though. I believe it will be fun... expect a review to follow this up ASAP. See you soon love...

Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safty...

- Proverbs 11:14

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  1. I like the trend its interesting NMM....... nd I can totally relate to those white lipsticks tho LMAO!!!!!!!.......nd u hit all the characteristics right on the nail good post can't wait to see what more have on this trend ........Lol I have got to tweet this