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REVIEW: Colourpop lippie stix in Ellarie

Hello beautiful!

So before I knew colourpop cosmetics, I knew Ellarie. In fact, before I knew Ellarie as a person, I knew her eyes and that epic cupid’s bow the Lord blessed her with. This is because I follow Motives cosmetics on Instagram and she uses a ton of their products so Ellarie was regularly featured on their page.

When I heard that she did a collab with the amazing colourpop cosmetics to create a lipstick and lip liner, I knew I just had to get it.
Now let’s get to the review.

This “lippie stix” (cute name right?) comes in a white sleek packet that has the ingredients and all other serenre on it. I didn’t even look at the pack as I just wanted to see the lipstick itself. 

So the tube itself is white and sleek as well. Looks like a pen of sorts. It has a cap that pops off. When the cap is taken off, one can see the shade of the lippie stix at the upper part of the tube. So you twist the bottom of the tube to get the product out. In my excitement, I twisted all the way to see how much product was in it. I won’t lie, I was disappointed at first because I felt like the product was quite small for the price. 

But then I smelled the lippie stix! OMG! I can’t even explain it to you in words. I just knew like I could purchase just that scent for the price of the lippie stix. It is that good! Smells very much like a vanilla hot fudge banana split ice-cream cake! With a cherry topped on whipped cream that is bathed in chocolate sauce on top of it! it might not make sense to you but just imagine how wonderful the described dish will be and you will get the idea.

The lipstick can be described as a deep sultry berry colour that is matte and will look flawless on all skintones. The colour payoff is very good as well. It is easy to apply because the top is slanted to perfectly fit the lips. 


 Price: this is honestly worth N2800


Awesome colour payoff

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