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Review; LA girl glazed lip paints

So in case you were wondering if this was a follow up post for my haul, yes baby it is. I mean why do just one glazed lip paint when there's more right?.

So the LA girl glazed lip paints have been some of my favorite buys of recent. I have always been a lip gloss over lipstick kinda lady, and lip balms were just for moisturizing and nothing else. Lip glosses have always been there from primary school, I'm talking those ones in the bottle like containers with the rolling ball at the top... ring a bell?... lol...

Now here I am in the future falling in love with lip paints. Okay I have to admit when I first saw them i really thought nothing much of them. I was just like lets buy and see where this goes so I got them in
  • TEASE (a very bright rosy pink. It's not as tame as the packaging may make you think and its shimmery, though not noticeably)
  •  TEMPT (a very deep purple. slightly darker than the packaging to me and also seems to have a major berry undertone. I like),
  • FEISTY (a orange with a reddish undertone that I think has still refused to favour me. I'd get back to you when I conquer it)
  • TANGO (by far my favourite so far. A medium peach). So about these baby girls yea?

PACKAGING: I am not so much a fan of their packaging. They come in a regular tubes that look like minimized toothpaste containers. On the other hand I like the fact that although the tubes are not transparent they are made to be seemingly identical to the gloss on the inside, which I think is kinda cool. The writing and covers re gold which is also kind of attractive.

APPLICATOR/APPLICATION: I very much dislike the applicator which is just a plastic slanted part of the package with a hole I think is too big. Thus direct application might be a problem depending on how you choose to use it. I'd much rather apply with a brush. It is also not sticky which is a great thing.

PIGMENTATION: It is highly pigmented and glossy. It dries out to a cool lacquered finish but stays glossy. It is nice and creamy and a little goes a long way, i.e. why I think the hole at the applicator is too big. It makes things get messy. It is still easy to take off despite the pigmentation which is a green light for me.

If you are not the touching up type you do not want these cause they need touch ups after every couple of hours.

I have had no problems with them bleeding and for me they are very easy to work with. They blend well and work with other lip products quite nicely. P.S you do not want to apply these on dry lips.

SCENT/FLAVOR: Peppermint, which of course is mostly nice on the nose but it gave me this tingly sensation after application which I rather do not appreciate. My clients complain about this also until I assure them it fades away. I still wish it could be done away with.

PRICE: they are very affordable ranging between N800-N1200 depending on where you purchase them. They can be found almost on any online beauty store and in the shops themselves.

Would i buy them again?

Yes I would and in fact I did. Which was how I landed with COY (a bright lilac/purple shade for bold people. I love love love)... so tell me, do you have any of them?, would you buy more?, why or why not?... see you soon.

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.-Psalm 109:103

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