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A little of me (2)

So hey again, hope you have been great? I have. I'm back with the next part...

How did my makeup journey start?

Hmmn... so let's skip the part about how my mum and I had endless makeup spats during my pre-teen and teen years cause I'm sure a good number of us had those and get right into the part where I learned about the magic behind eyebrows and the like.

So upon all the makeup spats mentioned above, as at the beginning of my second year in university I had never ever touched any of my eyebrow hairs and I am pretty sure I wore only shadows and never lined my eyes not to talk of foundation and what in the name of beauty was concealer?????.
Yes it was a pretty sad life. The summer prior to this I was meant to go to makeup school but I went to learn how to sew instead (yea I do the clothes thing too) and so it was postponed till the next holiday. Upon getting to school Sike had gone to makeup school and guess who she asked to be her model for her first shoot?... yes boo it was I. So off went my virgin brows and as usual I stared at her continuously while she did my makeup and that of the remaining few models. In my mind I was like I could get the hang of this thing before I went off to officially learn when the school year finally ran , and so I began to practise. I progressively got good and Sike said one day that there was no need to go to makeup school since I seemed to have it figured out on my own. That was where makeup school dreams got buried for me. I started learning makeup with virtually nothing. I learnt to function with the barest minimum. I mean all my makeup could fit into a something slightly bigger than a makeup purse you would carry in your bag. So I began to buy makeup one by one. I had been doing makeup for almost a year before I got my first powder or concealer pallet. The struggle was real like that. More so I decided to fund all my makeup expenses by myself... no asking the mother this time. I somehow believed that if I spent my own money on it I would take it seriously and not get tired of it like I did with all my other hobbies I made my mother pay for. I am guessing my theory worked cause here I am now. It's pretty serious or maybe it's just the love, who knows.

So I grew from one wonky eyebrow to the next and messed up fifty times after getting it right the first ten. And today I am here, self taught, in love and all, looking for space to fit more makeup into and the next face to beat. Learning all I can off the net and off personal mistakes, winging all the abstracts and lining up photo-shoots in the name of publicity, hoping you fall in love and God blesses my efforts.

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