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Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers, welcome to my world of fashion... By the way, my name is Patsy but professionally Lush... so let me just cut right to the chase, I have always loved all things fashion related and by always I do mean always, like since baby always. I once broke a whole shelf of my mother's stuff just to get to an oversized pair of white heeled sandals at the age of nothing above five and my aunt says I pulled at anyone's hair I thought was pretty. Violent baby huh? I am much more subtle now no worries. So presently I am very much a hair stylist and makeup artist and looking forward to going into other things.

How did my hair journey start?

Okay so I have quite a good memory and I can actually remember the first time I learnt to braid hair. I was quite little and i can't even remember how old I was but I had been braiding my dolls hair before five so it must have been sometime around then or so. Well my then neighbours came over and their eldest daughter began to do the usual Dutch braid (back weaving) on my dolls hair and I just sat there and watched her for only God knows how long. Once she left the house I grabbed that doll and I got it on the first try. My mum likes to say I have magic hands, mainly cause I can create almost any handwork related thing I see with them. Since then the thing with hair was love for me. I tried it out on dolls and my life sized breathing doll who happens to be my little sister. God bless that girl. I made her hair while she walked around the house and in her sleep, while we watched tv and all what not. I never touched anyone's hair asides hers until sometime in secondary school when I began to make peoples hair around. Anyone who has been to any Nigerian boarding secondary school knows that it is the breeding ground for hair makers. It's part of our survival system. After graduation I didn't look forward to anything hair related but I walked into university and found myself doing hair. Braiding one girls hair soon turned to two and the next thing I knew I was fixing weaves and the rest is history.

I love making/styling/treating/packing/taking care of hair. All types of hair. A lot. I actually stare at hair in public trying to figure it out or simply to admire it. Don't be too surprised if I stop you in public to ask a series of questions about your hair...

A lot of people like to ask how I learnt to do hair. I simply watched while hair was being made or imagine what must have gone on in the process of making the hair and I practise it until I get it right. No I never went to learn anywhere, it's been just me and Gods enabling grace going before me. I hope to learn all I possibly can about hair. It's one of my very rare and few passions and i hope to share it with you...

The next post would be about my wonderful makeup journey... I hope to see you then... muah

Ignorant zeal is worthless; haste makes waste- Proverbs 19:2

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  1. Oh My God, I didn't know when I hit the bottom line of this post. Hiyaa, Go girl!!! This is superb, intriguing and I must say "inspiring". Even the Bible says "your talent/gift will make you dine with kings/queens" - I believe in you friend. Keep the fire and your heat will burn a volcano... Soar higher!! God's pace...Cheers!


  2. Yup..and Patsys Makeup Talent is lyk she has a Magic Wand! I Splutter shamelessly anytym I see her handwork. Dats ma gal!