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My Current Favorite Instagram Pages To Follow

Most days last year, I spent an obscene amount of time on Instagram. Instagram is basically a vortex and if you aren’t careful, you will find yourself spending hours on it doing nothing productive. This year however, I have tried to have more self-control and I have found some pretty amazing beauty and lifestyle content creators that I love and learn from.

1. Elizabeth Aliyu (@beautebyliz)

Liz has to be my current favourite beauty blogger. She is a lawyer as well so I was naturally drawn to her. She creates the most gorgeous looks with such precision OMG! I am constantly in awe of all she does and she inspires me to be better with my art. She has a YouTube channel that is worth subscribing to. She is also so sweet in the dms. Love her!

2. Gwen Dilara (@gwendilara)

When I need inspiration, I go to Gwen’s page. Her work is AMAZING. She is constantly creating looks that break the mold. She is a commercial makeup artist based in Lagos and I look forward to the day I will sit in her chair. She has a YouTube channel but she also shares makeup tutorials in her instastories almost on a daily basis which is worth checking out. She also has whatsapp makeup classes periodically that are worth so much more than she charges for, totally worth the coins.

3. Atty Laine (@glowcounsel)

She is a lawyer and beauty-skinthusiast based in Manila, Philippines. I found her through’s page. I love how real her skin journey is and the products and tips she shares regularly on her page. I also follow her because she has oily and acne prone skin like me, making her posts very relatable. She is also really into Korean skincare; her skincare stash makes me drool tbh. Her product photography is also goals for me.

4. Amaka Ekeng (@mindofamaka)

I love Amaka! Her wit, humour and honesty always have me coming back for more. However, why she is on this list is her instastory. She is always among the first circles at the top of my Instagram feed and I unconsciously make it a point to watch her story because I will smile, learn something new or find an interesting new page to follow. One day, I spent almost an hour on a comic artist’s page that I found through her stories. Of course, her product photography is also goals.

5. Tonye Levy-Braide (@theblackwriter)

I have met Tonye just once but I can tell you that her IG truly reflects who she is inside and out. I just love her outlook on life and her drive. Her page is also very aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus. I personally love her instastories as well because there is usually something to learn or a rare video of her cute dog Emerald (I am not a dog person but she makes me want a pup). Her zeal for Christ is unabashed and I just love that.

6. Ifedayo Balogun (@amakeupjunkie_)

Apart from constantly serving looks, the reason Ife is on the list is because of how uplifting she is in her instastory. She is one of the few beauty influencers I know that constantly posts and hypes up other influencers in her story; it’s so refreshing to see. I wanna be more like her in that regard because we rise by lifting others. I also learn alot from her page regarding skincare.

7. Josphine (@d_beautyengineer)

I find myself always looking forward to Phine’s posts because she always brings it! Her looks are always so clean and breathtaking. I recently found out that she is an energy and environmental engineer which explains why she is so good with precision (it makes sense in my head anyways). I await the day I will be able to do half of what she does.

A worthy mention here is @salemkinging. If you need to laugh, learn and get inspired, check out his page.

This doesn’t mean I don’t love other pages of course, these are just the ones that top my list at the moment and I love them for different reasons. What are your current favourite Instagram pages? Please leave a comment.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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  1. Thank you sooo much, darling! And yes, we rise by uplifting others...😘❤️

  2. Very lovely, I saw a couple of my favourites too, I totally love Theblackwriter and Salamking, and of course your feed, I Stan.
    Thanks Sike for sharing with us.

  3. Well done Sike..i enjoyed reading the post and yes tonyes pup is so cute .And her stories goals for days

  4. I really like this post. A couple of my faves are here too. Yaay. Go girl.