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Affordable Skincare || Beauty Formulas Detox Cleanser with activated charcoal review

Beauty Formulas Detox Cleanser with activated charcoal 

Finding affordable skincare products that get the job done is a huge breath of fresh air cause lets be honest with ourselves, skincare ain't all that cheap. So products like these are worth a review. Can I get an amen?

In this post I'd be reviewing the Beauty Formulas detox cleanser with activated charcoal. This is not a sponsored post but my personal opinion on the product after a period of use.


Beauty Formulas is an international personal care brand that that offers a very comprehensive range of products of which many are skincare related. Their products vary from general products to products for specific issues. They offer a wide range of skincare products inclusive of the detox cleanser with activated charcoal.


The product is a facial cleanser that comes in a plastic tube with a flip cap. The packaging is very nice in my opinion. Its very sturdy and the cap shuts tight, so there's no leaking of product which makes it a bit travel friendly, however the size may not be considered travel friendly. 

The product itself is black in colour, which I was very excited about because charcoal guys, what other colour should it be. It has a very runny consistency though, which means you have to be careful if not you might spill too much of it during use. 

The product also lathers very well during use. I personally like products that lather well. Makes me feel like they're working. Lol. So yes that.

The ingredients are listed at the back of the tube alongside instructions on how to use the product. The product says to use twice daily. 

Its also for oily skin which is important to me cause a girl is an oil factory *inserts crying emoji*.

It has a light fragrance that I consider refreshing and shouldn't be a bother in all honesty. 


When I first got it I actually used it twice a day. It was part of both my morning and night time skincare routine but that changed over time. Then it became more of a night time cleanser for me.

I usually use wipes to take off all my makeup first before I go in with this cleanser. 

The product claims to remove excess oil and impurities and it does just that. It really does remove all dirt and leaves my skin feeling really clean and keeps oil at bay for a while even. 

It made me so happy that it kept to the job. Yaay activated charcoal detox cleanser. 


Overall the product performed very well. It got the job done and I was happy about that. 

Will I repurchase? Sadly no. Because as good as this product is it had a downside for me which was the fact that for some reason I'm yet to decipher, it had a darkening effect on my skin. Please understand that this may not happen to you. Its just me and I'm yet to even find out what exactly in the product darkened my face so much. For this reason I had to stop using this product and I obviously can't repurchase it. 

However feel free to try this product. 

Random picture of the props I used for my flatlay photography


I cant remember how much I purchased this for but it wasn't up to N2000. I got this product at Shopright in Abuja and I believe their various stores should carry it. You can also purchase it online here.

So tell me have you tried this product before or are you willing to try it now?

What was your experience with it?

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  1. O haven’t tried it before but I won’t mind giving it a shot. Charcoal masks always do wonder to my face.

    1. you totally should. given that charcoal works well for you. I really want to try another charcoal product. I want to know if that's darkened me. thanks for stopping by.

  2. I laughed alot in between because I was picturing how your expression would have been when you said certain things, p.s I literally screamed "it's charcoal duh" when I read the part you mentioned the colour and why you won't be repurchasing. Good review Hun.

    1. I am so happy you found some humor in the post. lol. I think I sound serious in writing. thank you for reading.

  3. I've used this product before, but I don't remember much about it except that I thought it was too light in consistency. Brand is alright, but I'm all about hunting down affordable Nigerian products now.

  4. Thank you for the review. Very interesting and apt. I've never used any charcoal product before. Will give this a try.

    1. you're welcome. thank you for reading. i hope you try it out soon

  5. I'm a huge fan of beauty formulas products. I also use their activated charcoal and aloe Vera facial scrub, charcoal clay mask and shaving creams and I've never had any issues. I have combination skin and I haven't experienced any skin darkening effects. This was a great review and like you said their products are super affordable usually between 1800 to 3000 naira.

    1. that's great. i am looking forward to trying out more of their products. thanks for reading