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3 Steps To Achieving The Perfect Everyday Eyeshadow Look + My tips and tricks

My favourite part of makeup is definitely eye-shadow and I am quite good at it if I do say so myself. As with any skill that needs to be perfected, knowing the basics definitely helps one achieve expertise. That is why I will be sharing a few tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect everyday eye-shadow look that will be suitable for work, school, church or just a simple slay in this post.

Step 1: The Base
Every great building is just as good as its foundation; therefore the key to a flawless eye-shadow look is a good base. This could be an actual eye-shadow primer (my personal preference) or a concealer. A good base will ensure that the eye-shadow looks more pigmented, blends well and lasts all day on the lid. I would recommend a primer that dries matte if you have oily lids like the Milani eye-shadow primer. If you decide to use a concealer as a base, please set it with a translucent powder so it doesn’t crease and melt away.

I have been using this primer for years and I love it. The store I got it from is closed now 😔

Step 2: The tools
When constructing a building, you need the right tools. This is why investing in good eye-shadow brushes is a must. See how I said good brushes, not expensive brushes. Please if you have money, do splurge and purchase high end brushes because they are usually the best quality. However, you can get some good quality inexpensive brushes from Aliexpress and Konga

Samples of the brushes I use

For a basic eye look, you need a fluffy eye-shadow brush for blending in the crease and a flat eye-shadow brush for placing shadow on the lid; yes, just two brushes. In fact, you can make do with just the fluffy brush and your finger lol. Also, it goes without saying that a good eye-shadow palette is essential; I will be using the Taos Cosmetics Dolly-Lana palette in this post.

Step 3: Eyeshadow Application 
Now for the actual eye-shadow look, the first step is to apply a matte medium brown or purple shade to the crease (above the eye socket) with a fluffy brush. Make sure to blend this shade out very well using left to right swipes; use only the tips of the brush to apply the color to your crease, don’t press the brush too hard against your skin. Next, use your finger or a flat brush to apply a nice shimmery gold or a matte skin-tone colour to your lid. 
BONUS TIP: If you want a colour to appear more saturated, pat it on the lid with the brush instead of swiping the colour around. 
BONUS BONUS TIP: If you are using a product that isn’t too pigmented, use a white eyeshadow base to help the color stick and appear more saturated. 
I used Anisa as my crease color and Tolulope as my lid colour. Wofai(crease) and Chalya(lid) would make an amazing combo too! 

Next, feel free to include eyeliner above your lash line and in your waterline; you can use black or any colour. You should also add mascara or a pair of false lashes if you are feeling adventurous. 

The first finished look I created
The second look: I just added lashes and put some blue eyeshadow on my lower lashline. This would be so cool for a night out. 

You can use these techniques to achieve any eye-shadow look actually; the key to a flawless eyeshadow look is BLENDING. Again, practice makes perfect so make sure to practice often to perfect your eyeshadow skills.

You can watch a video of me creating the first simple eyeshadow look on my Instagram page.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you learnt something too. Share your best eyeshadow tips and tricks with us in the comment section.

See you in my next post. Xoxo.

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